A Complete Guide to How to Fish on Your Next Vacation to the Delaware Beaches

Those who love fishing are chomping at the bit for a trip to Rehoboth Beach. 

Rehoboth Beach Fishing is, without a doubt, fantastic. For its sheer variety, beautiful spring weather, and many fishing locales, old and new, there is a lot to appreciate every time you drop in a line. We look at how you can best plan for some good ol’ Delaware Beach fishing.

The Necessities 

Interestingly, you may not have to plan for a lot. Many popular fishing locations offer gear rental on-site. You’ll also find that most fishing charters have any necessary equipment ready to go, even primed for the season and occasion. 

woman on fishing boat

But that doesn’t mean you can slack off in your preparations. We also recommend some fishing staples, including:

An extra set of clothing, including boots, a shirt, a jacket, socks, and other accessories, like a hat or sunglasses. You never know what is going to get quite wet, lost, or just plain dirty.

  • Sun lotion. Though it’s the northeast, the sun can be deceptive. 
  • At least one fishing rod. You don’t want to ever be caught ready to fish without a readied- fishing rod in hand. 
  • Seasonal guide information. The better you know what’s out there, the better your experience will be. Know what is biting and what the conditions of the wind and waves will bring you. 
  • Fishing license. You don’t necessarily need to have a physical copy of your license in hand, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. We recommend visiting this website for more on saltwater or freshwater fishing license requirements.

You don’t need to overthink it or overcomplicate the trip. Just about everything you may need can be purchased or rented. Seeking this stuff also helps give you new things to do in Rehoboth Beach. If you plan to go with a group charter, always ask what the captain recommends for any particular excursion. 

Rent or Buy Your Gear 

You can certainly rent your gear or buy it, before the trip or during. But while all these are options, what is the best way forward? It depends on two big factors- the scope of the trip and what you plan to do.

If the entire vacation revolves around fishing, you are best buying your gear. This gives you exactly what you want as well as control on what you have access to. Buying is also worthwhile if you want to fish in isolated and quiet retreats where rentals are not available or you are lugging gear around unnecessarily. 

Renting is great for single-day charters, especially since discounts are often available. However, renting can be costly if you decide to take a variety of different trips, as providers will often want their gear back by the end of a tour excursion, pier fishing afternoon, or charter.

It also depends on what you plan to do. Surf fishing is different from crabbing, which is both fundamentally different from your quick afternoon pier fishing. For the most part, there are three types of fishing on Rehoboth beach:

  • fishing from the charter boats in the marina
  • surf fishing from the beach
  • pier fishing

Select the style most appropriate for you and research local rental providers to find the best bang for your buck.

Plan Your Next Visit

These are just a few ways you can experience the best of the Delaware Beaches fishing experience! Check out our available Rehoboth Beach rentals or peruse all of our rentals below and book today!

Take a Tour or Charter a Trip

Rehoboth Beach Fishing Charters are varied. There are a number of really compelling spots to check out. Some of the best include:

  • Lewes Harbour Marina: Boats head out daily to explore the Great Marsh Preserve
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: Charters out of this marina are often laser-focused on hitting the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Anglers Fishing Center: This spot specializes in headboat fishing and bottom wreck fishing, and is ideal for veteran fishing enthusiasts seeking a challenge.
  • The Judy V: This charter trip is a master of the North Indian River.

Where to Stay 

Rehoboth Beach activities are plentiful, from windsurfing to kayaking, shopping to lounging out on the sand. Lock in one of the top-rated Rehoboth Beach oceanfront rentals today and have an unforgettable fishing-focused trip on the water.