A Guide to Visiting Delaware’s Beaches

Head out to the Delaware Shores with its breathtaking beaches, jumping dolphins, majestic lighthouses, and more. The Delaware beaches hold many treasures, both hidden and out in the open.

We look at the major beach havens of Delaware’s beautiful coastline, picking out the most exciting things to do in the Rehoboth Beach and surrounding towns along the way.

Cape Henlopen State Park

Resting on just over 5,000 acres is the isolated and stunning Cape Henlopen State Park. The beach is known for its light foot traffic. You won’t find summer tourists flocking to the shores all season long, giving romantics a nice place to relax and families a quiet place to play.

The beach has plenty of untouched wildlife, as hawks nest in the area and dolphin bounce by the shoreline. The beach is also home to a few spectacular sites, like the cape lighthouse and a World War II observation tower.

For visitors looking for a place of quiet solitude and beach-going relaxation, over amenities, conveniences and big crowds, this is the place to go.

bethany beach sunset
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Rehoboth Beach

Ask the average Delaware Beach frequent visitor, and they are almost certainly bound to see that Rehoboth Beach is the best beach along the coast of the 1st state. This beach and city have a throwback boardwalk with numerous seafood joints and pizza shacks. There is also a lot of history you can discover at the Rehoboth Beach Museum and the Indian River Life-Saving Station.

The beach is known for its bird and dolphin watching, paddle boarding, clamming, fishing trips, and biking trails. There’s also free summer concerts all season long at the town bandshell.

bird on dewey beach
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Dewey Beach

While the sun floats quietly over the sky and visitors flock to the shore for dolphin watching, volleyball, parasailing, and other waterside activities, it’s easy to see why the beach is a great place to relax. But Dewey Beach isn’t just a relaxing beach nook, it’s known as the party beach. College students and post-grad residents flock to Dewey for a vacation on the coast.

At night, Dewey Beach lights up with fun. Visitors head over to the Rusty Rudder for some drinks and dancing while others hop on over to The Starboard for a cool drink at the bar. There’s live music at many of the Dewey beach bars. The beach is a cool place to go for couples, and one of the top sights if you love a little nightlife.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is smaller than many of its neighbors – and rightly so. It is known as the quiet, resort area of the Delaware shores.

Bethany Beach is the perfect place for an idyllic afternoon escape, near a few local shops and a modest boardwalk.

With all its character and local charm, Bethany Beach is a great place to get away for a quiet day in Delaware.

delaware national seashore

Delaware Seashore State Park

Snug between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay on the west, the Delaware Seashore State Park is the quintessential beach escape. There are numerous conveniences, including large-scale facilities and a gorgeous amphitheater. The park hosts many events throughout the year for local organizations, including runs, fundraisers, markets, and more.

The state park is large enough to accommodate camping, crabbing adventures, numerous restaurants, like Hammerheads Dockside at the Indian River Marina, and extensive biking trails.

York Beach

York Beach is small. Even local miss this quiet locale! But while it is certainly not the largest beach in the state, it packs quite a bit of local fun. The beachside hosts a handful of holiday downtown celebrations and acts as a nice satellite getaway to Fenwick Island State Park, located just 5 minutes south. 

What is your beach style? Do you want something energetic and lively or something tranquil and isolated? Do you want many convenient amenities because you are traveling with kids, or do you want to be tucked away in the brush, wandering the nearby trails and dunes? 

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