Beach Postcards: Bringing Sexy Back, Part One

So we’re working on an article on Beach Postcards for the launch of our own custom design Beach Postcard Range.

After a carafe of coffee, we’re still stuck on the title.

Here’s our Top 20 ideas for the article title thrown around at our staff meeting.

What’s Your Favorite?


  1. Beach Postcards Changed My Life!
  2. Save Your Marriage Using Only Beach Postcards!
  3. Beach Postcards: What Willis Was Really Talking About!
  4. You’re Losing Money By Not Using (Our) Beach Postcards!
  5. Beach Postcards Are Misunderestimated.
  6. Beach Postcards: Dude, Where’s My Glasses?
  7. Beach Postcards Are The New Black!
  8. Postcards From the Veg (yes he’s a vegetarian Rental Agent)!
  9. Beach Postcards: Everything Old Is You Again.
  10. How Beach Postcards Can Make You Better In Bed.
  11. Beach Postcards: Cuter Than Kitten Videos.
  12. How Beach Postcards Can Get You a Raise.
  13. Beach Postcards Make Cubicles Bearable.
  14. Beach Postcards: 10 Things The Government is Hiding From You.
  15. Each Time You Don’t Send Your Mom a Postcard, a Puppy Dies.
  16. Beach Postcards: You Can’t Handle The Truth!
  17. Beach Postcards: When You’re From Pittsburgh, You Have To Send Something.
  18. Beach Postcards Are Great When Your Phone Dies.
  19. Beach Postcards Are For Playas.
  20. Beach Postcards Hit You With So Many Rights, You’re Gonna Beg For a Left!