Best Natural Ways to Clean Your Grill

Summer at the Vacation Rental. You open the grill. It’s dirty with caked on grease and grime. Grrr! Who would want to use that nasty thing? Scared of metal fibers ending up in your food, or can’t stand that teeth on edge sound of the grill scraper tool? Here’s a few natural alternatives to clean your grill…

A Special Note on Garden Hoses and Pressure Washers

Please do not use your garden hose or pressure washing equipment to hose down grill plates when they are on the grill. This will force grease and debris down into the grill damaging and blocking the grill burners. Additionally food and grease debris may fly around the grill area with the spraying water attaracting ants and other critters to your grill spot. Instead wipe the cold grill plates down with a soft cotton cloth to remove the cleaning residue.

Seasoning Clean Grill Plates. Leave the grill plate to dry. Rub the clean grill plate with olive oil to season the metal, prevent rust.

Avoid a build up of grime in the first place.

Onions! Did you know that the acidity in an onion will help prevent build up of grease and fats on the grill plate? Pre-heat your grill ready for use. Cut an onion in half. Skewer the back side of the half onion with your grill fork and rub the flat side on the grill plate. Onions have natural anti-microbial properties that help prevent build up of nasty bacteria on your grill. Here’s a bonus! When you’re done with the onion, toss it into the charcoal bricks on the base of your grill. As it burns off, it will add a delicate flavor to your food. Double yum!

Make your own natural acid spray using lemon juice or white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle and spray on the way grill plates prior to use. Don’t like the smell of vinegar? Save the old coffee from your morning pot of Joe. Fill a spray bottle with the cold coffee and spray on your grll plate. The acid in the coffee does the same trick.

Cleaning Gunked on Grime

Salt! Sprinkle a hot grill plate with salt. Leave the grill to cool. Take a half potato and rub the salt over the grill plate.

A Salty Lemon Scrub! No, not a beauty aid. Make a paste of salt and lemon juice. Add to a warm, but not hot grill plate. Scrub with a half a potato. The acid and the abrasive quality of the lemon, salt, and potato work wonders! Baking soda to replace the salt is also a great solution. The natural effervescence of the baking soda in combination with the acid of the lemon juice makes a powerful de-greaser.

A Baking Soda Lemon Paste Fizzle! No, not a cocktail! You make a paste of baking soda and lemon juice, or just sprinkle baking soda directly onto halved lemons. Rub the warm, but not hot, grill plate with the paste, or baking soda lemon halves and rinse with your garden hose.

Steamy McDreamy! Use the heat of the grill and a can of water naturally. Place an emty food can, or metal kitchen container full of water on the grill plates. Put the grill on high heat, close the cover and let the water boil off. Let the grill cool down and ‘scrub’ with a half a raw potato or similar tough vegetable such as turnip. Be very careful not to open a hot grill filled with steam. Turn off the burners and leave the grill to cool before opening the cover. Even then, beware of residual steam – stand well back with your face pointing away from the grill. Wear protective goggles to cover your eyes. Cover up your hands and arms. Do not let hot steam touch you!

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