Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach

Turns out I’m not the only weird person who likes to work out on vacation. For all us wierdos, here are our favorite places to run in and around Rehoboth Beach when us locals are on our, ‘staycation.’

Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach1. Junction and Breakwater Trail

It really doesn’t get much better than this. Enough foot traffic to be ‘safe.’ Enough stopping off points along the way so that you can mix up your runs into a short jog, a 5K, and, if you run all the way from the Rehoboth Beach entrance to the Lewes end point and back – you can make it an official 10K! Loop de loop creatively and you can make it a full marathon.

This trail extends all the way from Hebron Road in Rehoboth Beach to Gills Neck Road in Lewes. With a new extension along Gills Neck Road, one can even connect up with the also awesome Gordon’s Pond Trail through the Lewes end of the Cape Henlopen State Park.

This trail winds through mostly shaded gravel paths from Rehoboth Beach to Lewes. Along the way one can experience sunny spots with views across open marsh to the Delaware Bay. My favorite parts however are the many shaded areas that wind through native oak, and pine groves. The trail is busy enough that you will see other folk: walking, riding bicycles, and occasionally horseback. Vehicular traffic is not permitted, thankfully. The trail never gets so crowded that native wildlife is deterred. You will see plenty of birds and critters along the way. There is plenty of free parking at various entrance points to the trail. Mostly flat with only one or two slight inclines. This trail is one of my favorite spots in Delaware and at the Delaware Beaches.

Just begun in early summer 2018, the Junction and Breakwater Trail is extending to Georgetown along the old railroad that is gradually being removed.

Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach2. Gordon’s Pond Trail

Just as good (but in different ways) as the Junction and Breakwater Trail, Gordon’s Pond Trail is our other favorite spot to run in the Rehoboth Beach area.This trail begins at the Rehoboth Beach end of the Cape Henlopen State Park (access fee for cars), and extends all the way to the Lewes end of the Cape Henlopen State Park.

Extend your run through the Lewes state park along the coast road, connect with Gills Neck Road and you can pick up the Junction and Breakwater Trail to run back to Rehoboth Beach and make it a very long, challenging (albeit flat) run.

With a mix between rough dirt, gravel, and elevated boardwalk, and more open sunny areas, this trail albeit shorter than Junction and Breakwater, Gordon’s Pond Trail can be more challenging since there’s not so much shade. The views however! Man, those views! You’ll see dunes, salt marsh, ponds, and pine scrub/forest. Plenty of wildlife to accompany you. Along the way there are bleacher type seating areas handy for stretching.


Here’s one of the views across Gordon’s Pond that you’ll see from the trail. What a lovely experience. enjoy!

Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach