Vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach

Breakfast Tip of The Day

Tip of the Day to Ye! When making toast, tent the slices on the plate whilst deciding what to put on it. Leaving warm toast flat on the plate makes it soggy. Tenting keeps it crisp! You’re welcome! What do […]

Getting in the spirit, the Rehoboth way!

We had a guest pop in to say hi this afternoon and spent a few minutes together thinking on our favorite things about Rehoboth Beach. Before long we had a familiar tune stuck in our head. Let’s see how it […]
Vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach

Show me the Money! – Evaluating a Rental Property in Rehoboth Beach!

There are many investment properties at the Delaware Beaches. Owners often ask questions about rentals. For example: – How do they work? – Is a property a good investment? – Is one property a better investment than another. The following […]
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Seachange Vacation Rentals Hires Vacation Planner

In another first for the vacation rental industry in our area, Seachange Vacation Rentals (Powered by Keller Williams Realty in downtown Rehoboth Beach, expands to create and hire a new job category – Vacation Planner. This new role combines reservations […]
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The State of (Our) Vacation Rental Market – 2018

I was urged recently to write on the state of the local vacation rental market. So here we go, 2018 edition. I start with a brief summary, elaborate with some detail, then finish with my thoughts on the implications for […]
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Lock Blockers – Tips From a Pro

Tip from a Pro! I visited a local locksmith recently to get a key cut. I proudly shared my success at lubricating a sticky lock with graphite. Noooooooooooooooooo! Say what now? Dude, never, ever use graphite in a lock. It […]
Vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Summer Rentals

What item do you think is the most frequently left item at checkouts?

Sprucing up a Memorial

On the street outside our offices we have a parking meter stand with a lovely shade tree and one of many memorials to former city residents that are common around town. Given that there are parking spots on the street […]
Interior design for vacation rentals

Interior Design for Vacation Rentals

It’s never too soon to revisit my favorite topic: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals. As we near the end of another busy summer season at the Delaware Beaches, summer visitors pack up and leave; property owners trickle back into town, […]
Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rentals


The hot, humid summer has taken its toll on the container garden around our office entrance. Despite what the media reports, we have NOT had much rainfall at Rehoboth Beach this year. It seems that we’re in a little bubble […]
Vacation rentals Rehoboth Beach

The World Is Running Out of Sand

 Stuck in summer traffic t’other day, on pops an NPR segment on a global shortage of sand. Yeah right! I thought. You should see our vacation rental properties on a busy turnover day. Recycle that and you’ve solved your […]
Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals

Welcome Starter Pack – Yes or No

So we’ve been test piloting something new in 4 of our properties for several weeks now. We’ve been adding guest welcome packs. A starter set of essentials that will tide a guest over until they can get out to the […]


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