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The hot, humid summer has taken its toll on the container garden around our office entrance. Despite what the media reports, we have NOT had much rainfall at Rehoboth Beach this year. It seems that we’re in a little bubble […]
Vacation rentals Rehoboth Beach

The World Is Running Out of Sand

 Stuck in summer traffic t’other day, on pops an NPR segment on a global shortage of sand. Yeah right! I thought. You should see our vacation rental properties on a busy turnover day. Recycle that and you’ve solved your […]
Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals

Welcome Starter Pack – Yes or No

So we’ve been test piloting something new in 4 of our properties for several weeks now. We’ve been adding guest welcome packs. A starter set of essentials that will tide a guest over until they can get out to the […]
Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals

Mot Popular Amenities in Vacation Rentals

Several years into this awesome business, this is our list of the most frequently searched/asked amenities when our guests are planning their vacation rental vacation… 10. King bed. 9. Air Conditioning. 8. Beach equipment. 7. After hours help. 6. 24/7 […]
Rehoboth Beach Rentals

Déjà brew. When good coffee makers become has beans

I’m feeling a case of déjà brew this week. Another call on a coffee machine gone bad, a has bean. Affogato bout it. Here’s my Robusta advice on coffee makers to vacation rental property owners. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Seriously) […]

Breaking News Biscoff Belgian Chocolate Biscuits

Share this breaking news! You’ve loved them on airlines… Now Seachange Vacation Rentals has partnered with a sweaty man who runs to Safeway each week ahead of check ins in high heat and humidity to, wait for it, place Biscoff […]
Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach

Best running trails in Rehoboth Beach

Turns out I’m not the only weird person who likes to work out on vacation. For all us wierdos, here are our favorite places to run in and around Rehoboth Beach when us locals are on our, ‘staycation.’ 1. Junction […]
Rehoboth Beach Rentals

Welsh Style Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipes

Series: Easy Recipes To Cook at your Beach House With much hwyl and savoir faire je te présente i bawb: Lyonnaise Potatoes avec dylanwad Cymru! There would be Caerphilly Cheese, but alas not in Southern Delaware – Colliers Welsh Cheddar […]
Interior design for vacation rentals

Breaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals

Breaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals: Introducing One Voice Designs Interior Design by Seachange Vacation Rentals In another first for the Delaware Beaches vacation rental industry, and further solidifying their place as an industry disrupting trail blazer, Seachange Vacation […]
Dewey Beach Handicap Accessible Beach Mats

Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths

Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths During its April 21 meeting, Dewey town council voted in favor of New Jersey based vendor AccessRec to provide handicapped accessible dune crossing mats for 17 streets in Dewey. AccessRec installed a pilot project dune […]
New Rehoboth Beach Brew Pub

Breaking News! A New Brew Pub on Baltimore Ave, Hon!

Breaking news! Deedlee deedlee deedle… You read it here first! Baltimore Avenue to get what my scouts whisper to me will be a new brew pub. Located in the awesome lower ground level space of our building at 20 Baltimore […]
Washing bedding in vacation rentals

Wash Day Blues, or Whites: Washing Bedding in Vacation Rentals

Have the Wash Day Blues, or Whites? Ever wondered if the comforters, coverlets, blankets, and mattress pads get washed between guests in Vacation Rentals? What about pet friendly rentals? Here’s our advice on practical bedding for frequent washing. Best not […]


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