Breaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals

Interior design for vacation rentalsBreaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals: Introducing One Voice Designs Interior Design by Seachange Vacation Rentals

In another first for the Delaware Beaches vacation rental industry, and further solidifying their place as an industry disrupting trail blazer, Seachange Vacation Rentals formalizes its design consulting services into the first vacation rental interior design division of any vacation rental agency. Our new interior design division will be known as, “One Voice Designs. Interior Design by Seachange Vacation Rentals.” One Voice Designs, for short!

Founder, Andy Meddick says,

“Properties that are furnished specifically for short-term vacation rental guest needs with a nod toward good interior design principles not only delight guests, but deliver optimum revenue for their owners. It’s not rocket science. The formula is simple:

Happy Guests + Great Reviews = Maximum Revenue + Happy Owners

Seachange Vacation Rentals has always stressed the importance of good design for vacation rentals. We’ve provided complementary interior design services to our property owners since company inception. Doing so, we’ve encouraged our property owners to invest the budget upfront that will deliver great reviews from happier guests. This in turn allows property owners to maximize their rental rates. Continued investment in property upgrades will deliver higher rates year on year over the competition which languishes in outdated approach and amenities. It’s a full-circle approach; not just a question of which paint color to pick for walls to appeal best for professional photography for website listing, but also practical aspects of design such as well-stocked, functional kitchens, or bedding that stands the test of repeat stays while continuing to deliver on comfort and aesthetics.

Appropriately designed spaces, in conjunction with dynamic rate pricing is consistently allowing Seachange Vacation Rentals to pull in 35% higher rates for our property owners. 

We don’t know it all, but we do listen to our guests and property owner clients. Not all of our property owners need, or want the same level of help. We often get our best ideas from property owners as much as our guests. In any case, seeing your property through the eyes of the guests that stay in it will position you for higher rates, revenue, and competitive edge. We cannot discount the value of investment in good design; spaces curated for the lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Formalizing our design advice into a specific division of our agency allows us to put attention on an important differentiator for listing beach rental properties with Seachange Vacation Rentals. It’s time to shout it loud and proud. We’re ready to help more clients. There’s a lot of vacation rental inventory at the Delaware Beaches. We help property owners standout in a crowded market place. We help guests with the comfort level of knowing they’re renting a great property so that they can relax and enjoy their vacations.”

Why, “One Voice Designs”?

Again, let Seachange Vacation Rentals Founder, Andy Meddick answer,

“When I began my career in beach house rentals, there was not even the name, “Vacation Rentals.” In the past five years there has been a profound growth and evolution of the beach rentals business into a multi-national industry projected to reach $169.7 Billion by 2019. The USA alone is projected to have 26% year on year growth 2016 – 2019 (*). While beach resort towns may continue to delight with their sleepy charm, the business of beach rentals has morphed into the Vacation Rentals industry. This growth has been driven by the world wide web and associated technologies to the extent that Vacation Rentals businesses are now attracting close attention and funding from Venture Capital firms.

No longer purely a real estate business, Vacation Rentals is now a colleague of, and competitor with, the hospitality industry. Federal and State law may require us to be licensed Realtors in order to manage the real estate investments of our property owners, but I consider us to be in the hospitality business as much as the real estate business. On the real estate side, I do not consider us, “Property Managers.” Instead we are, “Asset Managers”  tasked with the job of protecting the value of, and maximizing the return on the investment our property owners have made in their beach real estate. On the guest side, we compete firmly in the hospitality industry vertical.

In Vacation Rentals, there is only one voice that matters: that of the guest. When it comes to interior design of vacation rental properties, we encourage our property owners not only to pay attention to the guest voice, but also to have one voice when it comes to the design of their beach rental property. Having one coordinated ‘look’ for a vacation rental property compels guests to book. Contemporary vacation rental guests are not looking for a home away from home. They’re looking for the home they wish they had away from the home they have (**).

It’s no longer OK to fill a beach house with any old hand me down random, outdated, mis-matched furniture that is one stop away from donation, or landfill. That, “It’s good enough for the rental” attitude, is no longer good enough for the Vacation Rental industry. Good interior design focuses not just on aesthetics but on practicalities also. It’s not just a question of a beautiful kitchen, but also what’s in the cabinets? Can your guest cook a full meal in your rental kitchen? Are the knives sharp? Can guests seat all their party at the dining table together? Is there sufficient lighting, comfy chairs, and side tables? Is the mattress comfortable? The mattress pad unstained and not ripped? Do your blinds darken the bedroom for sleeping? Is your outdoor furniture free of mold, stains, and weather related damage?

One Voice Designs works with our property owners at time of listing, and also for current clients considering upgrades. With clients at either stage, our approach is the same: provide feedback based on guest reviews and needs; develop a coordinated look for the property incorporating the owner’s personal taste and style; develop a budget with incremental upgrades over a number of summer seasons that delivers incremental increases in rental revenue; place the property in a good light relative to competing neighboring rental properties.

We do not charge our property owners for our design consulting services. We simply recover the cost of goods and labor for the work. It’s a great deal! A win-win! Vacation rental properties that have been designed for guest hospitality and for the camera’s ‘eye’ will rent quicker for higher rates. We recognize that we’re advising our property owners to invest money ahead of  return on that investment. Our rental income proformas that we deliver to our clients justify every dollar of our owner’s investment and lay out a clear financial plan for our owners to see the return on that investment. For our guests we deliver a happy, comfortable vacation in a property that they love and return to over and over. That’s their return on the investment.”

On a side note, the design for vacation rentals goes beyond, “Staging.” Readers may be familiar with the concept of using interior designers to stage real estate for sale. I highly recommend it. It works. Staging, by definition, however, is a temporary solution with a goal of selling a property. Our design services incorporate principles of staging, but are permanent in nature. These are not design services just to be looked at. They’re design services to be lived in. Used. Enjoyed. Hence we reference interior design, not just purely staging.

Seachange Vacation Rentals interior design consulting services has designed beach properties from scratch – new to the rental pool. We also work with property owners that have approached us to go in a new direction. Many of our properties are on an incremental improvement plan – delivering upgrades and higher rates year on year. For both of these types of property in our portfolio, guests can be assured that is appropriate for their budget, yes, but it’s more than that. While not every property and every budget delivers on high end interiors, every property will deliver on high standards of comfort, maintenance, and safety.

Interior design for vacation rentalsWith this in mind, Seachange Vacation Rentals is working on a new certification process. We will certify all of our properties as meeting our standard for hospitality. This sends the message to our guests that if booking your vacation with us, you can relax knowing that you’ve booked a good property. This also sends the message to our property owner clients – current and future, that you’re listing your beach real estate asset with a vacation rental agency who values and develops the investment that you have in your property. Also that you’re in good company since each of our listed properties will meet the same standards.

Here’s some visuals to leave you with. Would you prefer to sleep in Bedroom One, or Bedroom 2 on your vacation? If it’s the first, then there are plenty of those properties to be rented at the beach, have at it. You won’t find them with Seachange Vacation Rentals. If it’s the second bedroom that you prefer, then call us (302) 727-5566.

Optimizing Vacation Rental Rates


Bedroom One




Does the bedding get washed


Bedroom Two




Pay attention to the one voice that matters: that of the paying guest. Give the guest what they’re looking for, and they will be back.

Thank you for listening.

(*) Source: Research and Markets Global Vacation Rental Market 2017-2021.

(**) Source: Attributable to Mercedes Brennan, Owner 1-Chic Retreat Interior Designs.