Breaking News Maryland Announces School Start Change

In breaking news Maryland Announces School Start Change (maybe).

This Wednesday Maryland officials are set to make an announcement that brings to a conclusion a controversial debate to change their schools districts start dates to after Labor Day from 2017 forward. Common sense tells us that the Governor would not make the trip from Annapolis to Maryland’s largest tourist destination to make the announcement unless it is a statement that will positively impact the vacation rental businesses in that area.

Maryland is a major catchment area for visitors to the Delaware Beaches. For us here in the Rehoboth Beach area, just a short hop up the coastline from Ocean City, Maryland, we wait this decision with eager anticipation.

Let’s hope that other states follow Maryland’s lead and push the start of schools beyond Labor Day. Let’s make our school start dates consistent from state to state for the ease and benefit of all. Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC – are you listening?

Here is the link to the actual story from The Washington Post