Bring Your Four-Legged Friends and Visit the Great Marsh Preserve in Lewes on Your Next Vacation

Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach is an emotionally-rich vacation destination, filled with nostalgia for many, big beaches, and numerous vintage shops and eclectic restaurants. The surrounding communities of Lewes and North Shores also bring a lot to the table. 

And it’s now gotten even better. With the 2015 addition of the Great Marsh Preserve in Delaware, the state has seen a massive expansion of its protected natural beauty.


The Great Marsh Preserve is an astounding 17,000 coastal wetland acres between Lewes Beach and Slaughter Beach. It is known for expansive fields of tulip poplars, imposing pines, and a population of wading birds and predatory birds, like hawks and falcons.

Large swaths of the land are unreachable by most means due to its shallow nature and dense foliage. Fortunately, 2015 saw the declaration of the Great Marsh Park. This 66-acre woodland area off Park Road near the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment is your ideal entryway to the region’s flora and fauna. 

Outdoor recreation projects in the park are managed by the Lewes Parks and Recreation Commission. The park’s final name was deceptively simple, but one out of necessity. Because the park is a city lease, naming it on a person seemed inopportune in case of lease issues down the road. Furthermore, organizers found naming it on after a specific tribe could cause frustration for any local tribes omitted. 

Ultimately, the park is a fantastic place to kayak and/or hike, admiring the special plants, flowers, and soaring birds. 

What is Lewes Unleashed?

The park is also an ideal place to bring a furry family member. This is largely due to the wonderful and playful friends at Lewes Unleashed.

In short, Lewes Unleashed is a dog-adoring group of locals who pressed for a dedicated dog park in the Great Marsh preserve. Their efforts were fruitful. Guests can visit a leash-free dog park free of charge all year round. The dog park is surrounded by a free barrier of the existing wooded area, with a depth ranging from 100 to 500 feet from the entrance.

What do at the Great Marsh Preserve

The preserve is utterly massive, so be sure to stay on any trails. Fortunately, Quest kayaks can assist. With affordable kayak rentals, guests can launch out by the shop or in the waters near the Lazy L Bed and Breakfast Inn.

In general, the area is extremely quiet. You will not regularly find many amenities as the organizers allow nature to speak for itself. Come prepared with snacks and be sure to respect nature by leaving with everything you brought in- including trash. There is an on-site restroom by the dog park, but don’t expect the same conveniences as you head deeper into the preserve. 

Plan Your Next Vacation

Give our team a call for any questions but be sure to book our Lewes Beach rentals fast! The pent-up demand for a fantastic vacation is heating up and everyone’s soon going to want to secure a stay on the sandy shores of Rehoboth Beach!

Where to Stay 

We suggest you stay in the iconic city of Rehoboth Beach. Numerous outdoor activities in Rehoboth Beach, like golfing, windsurfing, and biking, all offer something adventurous to do. 

And with a variety of Rehoboth Beach pet friendly rentals to select from, you can find the most complimentary spot for your furry family escape. While you have your pet along for the journey, take some time to explore other pet-friendly Delaware beach attractions, like the pet-friendly beaches of Delaware Seashore State Park.