Cameras at Vacation Rental Properties

Security camera on property

We’ve been surprised to learn recently that some of our property Owners have active cameras on the exterior of their properties. While we understand that Owners feel the need for security cameras at properties they do not visit very often, our position on any type of camera at a property is that we do not support any camera and/or recording equipment at any location on a property – exterior or interior. We believe that cameras do not belong in vacation rental properties due to the perception that Guests have of being surveilled.

For clarification, there are two types of camera usage:

  1. Security.
  2. Surveillance.

Surveillance of Guests, Seachange staff, and vendors hired through Seachange is not allowed at any of our managed properties.

Seachange Policy on Cameras and Recording Equipment at our Managed Properties

  1. Cameras and/or recording equipment for surveillance purposes – Seachange does not allow under any circumstances.
  2. Cameras and/or recording equipment for security purposes – it is our preference that there are NO cameras of any kind at any Seachange managed property. However, we recognize your property rights and will comply should you wish to erect security cameras on the exterior of your properties. Seachange will never allow cameras and/or recording equipment on the interior of properties.
  3. Seachange does not allow sound recording cameras at properties. If Owners install exterior cameras, then they must be visual recordings only.
  4. Property Owners need to be aware that Seachange is not a security monitoring service. We will not watch security camera footage on an Owner’s behalf, nor will we accept the provision of security camera footage sent to us by property Owners. Camera footage is for Owner use only.
  5. Should a law enforcement officer notice an exterior security camera on a Seachange managed property and request footage, Seachange will refer the law enforcement officer directly to the Property Owner.
  6. Property Owners need to be aware that there are State specific laws regarding recording the public. It is the Property Owner’s responsibility to find out applicable State laws for Delaware, and ensure that they comply with them.
  7. Seachange does not accept any liability from any party should a Property Owner decide to install cameras at their property.
  8. Property Owners need to disclose all cameras at a property to Seachange so that Seachange can disclose on property listings and directly to Guests in all property documentation and appropriate signage at properties.

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