Cape Charles Vacation Rentals

Cape Charles, Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula – part of the mid-Atlantic’s “Eastern Shore” of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay is enjoying its moment in the sun with a revived historic downtown area that’s attracting investors, small business owners, and vacationers alike.

This charming small town is located about 10 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsular. Cape Charles went into forgotten decline after the Bay Bridge-Tunnel made the town’s ferry service obsolete and traffic bypassed the downtown area in the 1960s. The decline in importance of the Delmarva Peninsula railroad has not helped these small towns either. Ironically, today, it is the Bridge-Tunnel that’s delivering visitors from across the bay as well as from up north into Delaware and Maryland.

I must admit, living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and doing my snow-bird drive down to Miami Beach, Florida for the coldest part of the winter months, I was unaware of the delightful, forgotten towns of the lower Delmarva Peninsula. Route 13 South bypasses the historic downtown areas of many of these lovely small towns such as Pocomoke City, Crisfield, Onancock, Wachapreague, and of course Cape Charles. In our focused goal to hit our overnight stop in Florence, South Carolina, we stay on Route 13 South and by pass all of these delightful downtown areas. Among the decaying sprawl and traffic speed traps of Route 13, I was unaware of these lovely small towns. Being so busy in our summer season and unable to take day trips meant I’ve missed out on these lovely towns on our doorstep.

I was delighted to discover, thanks to Erika Jackson Curran’s Washington Post Travel Section article that downtown Cape Charles not only is enjoying a renaissance but that there are vacation rental properties there. A sure sign of a popular place to visit. I’m always keen on promoting those brave property owners who invest in their communities and open vacation rental properties so I was equally thrilled to see that Erika profiles the Doublemint Duplex vacation rental as a lodging option in Cape Charles. Owned by Richmond, VA couple Sherry, and John Petersik, not only do they have their own delightful vacation rental, but they have a great blog and podcast! Let’s cheer these plucky vacation rental owners! Check out their vacation rental property on Airbnb.

I’ll let you read Erika’s great Washington Post article on Cape Charles. These guys have made me want to day trip down to Cape Charles after I get through the summer running my own vacation rental business in Delaware. Let me know if you visit Cape Charles and say hello to Sherry & John from the Doublemint Duplex while you’re there. Tell ’em Seachange Vacation Rentals sent ya!