Fun Stuff

No Need to Kneed – A Self Isolation Recipe

Another in Seachange Series Things You Can Cook from your (Vacation Rental) Kitchen - a suggestion to fill time while self-isolating. Read more

LIghthouse wood art from The Brush Factory on Kings

National Lighthouse Day

On this day, August 7, 1789, Congress approved an Act for the establishment, support of lighthouse, beacons, buoys, public piers. Happy Lighthouse Day from the Eastern Shore! Read more

Dog on chair

Dogs Don’t Read Welcome Letters – Choosing Furniture Fabrics

Dogs don’t read the property rules in the welcome packet. Accepting pets in a vacation rental property is a mixed blessing for Owners and Guests alike! Owners want to attract travelers with pets yet worry about damages. Guests want to... Read more

Summer Contest!

Our Seachange Vacation Rentals Summer 2019 Contest was announced way back in May and so far we have no winner! Seachange Vacation Rentals Summer 2019 Contest To catch y’all up. Guess when our company Founder, Andy Meddick, gets his first... Read more

The Joy of Local Vacation Radio

When staying in a vacation rental, scan around on the wireless radio dial, or, in modern parlance, browse the web on your mobile device and find your hyperlocal radio station. Most small resort towns have them, if you’re lucky! We... Read more

Best Natural Ways to Clean Your Grill

Summer at the Vacation Rental. You open the grill. It’s dirty with caked on grease and grime. Grrr! Who would want to use that nasty thing? Scared of metal fibers ending up in your food, or can’t stand that teeth... Read more

Best Places to People Watch in Rehoboth Beach

Go on, admit it! Shhh! We won’t tell! We all love to sit and people watch. Here’s our favorite places in Rehoboth Beach to sit and watch the world go by! Grab a cocktail or some food and make it... Read more

Artful Inspiration for the Smallest Room in the House

Artful Inspiration for the Smallest Room in the House AKA Powder Room Ponders Read more

Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rental

Spring is Coming – Le Creuset Releases New Colors

As a sign that spring is surely on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, high-end manufacturer of quality cookware, Le Creuset has release a new collection of four calming colors just in time to re-stock your beach house kitchens for... Read more

Dogfish Head Brewery

Suns Out, Puns Out – The States Punniest Craft Beer Names

We had fun with this one! There is a proliferation of craft breweries across the United States, pioneered by Rehoboth Beach/Milton’s very own Dogfish Head Brewery. These small businesses are stacked with creative, left of center thinkers focused on a... Read more

Recycle American Flag

Recycle your worn out US Flag at the Rehoboth VFW

The VFW in Rehoboth Beach, located on State Road near the intersection with Rehoboth Avenue southbound has been an integral part of Rehoboth Beach for many years.  During the summer the VFW hosts shrimp night on Friday nights that are open to... Read more

Vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach

Breakfast Tip of The Day

Tip of the Day to Ye! When making toast, tent the slices on the plate whilst deciding what to put on it. Leaving warm toast flat on the plate makes it soggy. Tenting keeps it crisp! You’re welcome! What do... Read more


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