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Oscar statues on dresser at a Seachange Vacation Rentals property

Seachange Lowers Owner Bedding Costs Setting Quality Standards

Seachange Vacation Rentals implements consistent quality standards with its new bedding program utilizing commercial hotel bedding at substantial savings to our Owners. Read more

What Do I Get For A Vacation Rental Management Fee?

Our Owners question what they get for our fee so I jotted down everything that we do. I was surprised. It's a lot! Here is a graphic answering, "What do I get for the vacation rental management fee?" Read more

Andy Hates Bunk Beds and Jazz

I'm Andy Meddick and I hate bunk beds. Read the Seachange advice when it comes to bed furniture of choice for vacation rentals. Read more

Seachange Vacation Rentals Reorganizes for Better Service

Seachange Vacation Rentals has reorganized to better serve its clients. Reservations Sales has separated from Operations forming two new departments: Vacation Planning and Operations (Owner, Property, and Guest Services). Read more

Seachange Adds YouTube Channel

Seachange Vacation Rentals, has added its visual voice to the growing YouTube community with the launch of its channel, "How The Guest Was Won. Tales From The Vacation Rental Frontier." The new YouTube channel provides advice to Property Owners on how best to maximize their income from their short term vacation rental properties while also helping Guests plan their stay at the Delaware Beaches. Read more

Welcome to 2020

Some wag is starting a petition to bring Barbara Walters out of retirement New Year's Eve so they can tune in and hear her say, "I'm Barbara Walters. Welcome to 2020!" Here's Seachange Vacation Rentals early outlook for the 2020 season. Read more

Consolidation in the VR Industry – Why I Choose Not to Sell

Consolidation in the VR industry, the Seachange niche, and why we're not selling... Read more

Toy Dinosaurs with map of Rehoboth Beach behind

Seachange Vacation Rentals Creation Story

Wondered why in the Wild West (or East) that is the muddled vacation rental market at the Delaware Beaches we needed another vacation rental agency? Oh my, we're finally going to do this! We’re going to get into the real creation story – the how and the why that created Seachange Vacation Rentals. Settle down for a fun tale... Read more

Oscar statues on dresser at a Seachange Vacation Rentals property

Vacation Rental Conference Season is Here

Heard of Awards Season in the film/TV industry? It ramps up with The Emmys, runs thru The Golden Globes and BAFTAS, and ends with The Oscars. The Vacation Rental industry has Conference Season… The Vacation Rental industry Conference Season #VRConfSeas... Read more

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2020 Vacation Rental Listing Season is Open

Friday August 16, 2019 is the official launch of Seachange Vacation Rentals 2020 listing season. Each year we add a limited number of beach properties to our vacation rental managment program. Read on for the exciting details... Read more

Dog on chair

Dogs Don’t Read Welcome Letters – Choosing Furniture Fabrics

Dogs don’t read the property rules in the welcome packet. Accepting pets in a vacation rental property is a mixed blessing for Owners and Guests alike! Owners want to attract travelers with pets yet worry about damages. Guests want to... Read more

How Do You Interview?

A photo ad popped up in my personal Facebook feed today. It got my attention, so great job to the company who sent it. Sincerely. The photo was part of a before and after shot of the same room vignette.... Read more


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