Cleaning Woes and Wins

Unfortunately we’re aware of many inconsistencies for property cleaning during summer 2020. While we’ve had many Guest reviews rave about how clean the property was at check in. We’ve also gotten some clunker reviews on cleaning and our own Property Inspectors have found, corrected or called in for a deeper return clean by the cleaning sub-contractor.

I’ve said many times that Guests are very on edge this year with COVID on all of their minds. To accommodate additional COVID related property turnover protocols Seachange had to move check out up to 9am and check in as late as 5pm. Add this later check in to a Guest already on edge and small issues have had the potential to grow into larger issues. For many Guests even when we’ve comp’d the cleaning fee and brought the cleaning sub-contractors back for a re-clean, complaints over cleaning have still made their way into reviews.

I’ve tasked our new Senior Director hire, Jason and also Jennifer to get ahead of these inconsistencies in cleaning quality for 2021. Jason and Jennifer have developed a Seachange standard property appearance outline that all of our cleaning sub-contractors will have to comply with going forward. We have prepared a bid process to send out to over 30 area cleaning companies. Vendors will have to re-bid on our cleaning contracts for 2021 and will have to comply with our Seachange Standard Property Appearance guide. Our aim is to eliminate the inconsistencies in cleaning quality while also setting the expectation that our cleans need to produce a deeper quality clean than the light, surface clean that is currently happening. Here then is a draft of the Seachange Standard Property Appearance guide for our cleaning sub-contractors: