Closest thing or Closet thing?

Sometimes I laugh at my own puns. OK, I always laugh at my own puns. It’s not cool, but it makes me feel good! We had the good fortune to stay in a vacation rental for a week recently. It was perfect in every way. However, half way through the week, one of our group was getting a tour of our wing of the house when I showed the walk in closet. Husband was in the bedroom at the time and said, “We have a closet in our room?” Halfway through our week’s stay!

This got me thinking. My husband prefers the suitcase, then the floor (in that order) to ‘store’ his clothes. I often am surprised at the amount of clothing piled everywhere by guests when I stop by for a maintenance call during their stays. I wish our property owners could see how guests navigate their spaces during stays.

Seachange Vacation Rentals

Decorative wall racks available at Wayfair for $56.99

I personally love as much storage as possible in bedrooms. I will unpack and store clothes in closets and drawers even if only staying one night. I learned the hard way to keep a room neat and orderly else risk leaving a lot of personal possessions behind during a chaotic check out. During our recent vacation, our master bedroom closet was a huge, room-size walk in with clothes racks, drawer units, and, mercifully for me, a chair to sit! This one, rare, touch of hospitality genius on our host’s part (adding a chair), was a life saver for me since I was on crutches during our vacation. You don’t realize how hard it is to put one’s clothes on standing on crutches.

So back to my non-scientific, subjective research on closets for our vacationing guests. It seems about 50/50. As many people live out of a suitcase and piles on surfaces as unpack and use closets. What are your thoughts on closets? Do you use them during your vacation stay? If not, what is the alternative? A larger bedroom sans closet? Where then can one hang that LBD or silk shirt (or favorite vintage T) so that it does not wrinkle? Would clothing racks and wall/door hooks in plain sight work?

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Seachange Vacation Rentals

Industrial style clothing rack with shelf storage available from Etsy for $375

We can’t be perfect in this life. We can endeavor to be make our best work. For some of us that’s the closet thing, and for others let it be the closest thing such as these gorgeous simple racks below. For those wondering, I prefer a closet. I like to get everything out of the way and in one place where I can see it. Having a garment rack visible in a room reminds me of a cheap motel, and I saw way too many of those in my younger years!