When Good Coffee Makers Become “Has-Beans”

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A simple regular drip coffee maker $18.

I’m feeling a case of déjà brew this week.

Another call on a coffee machine gone bad, a “has-bean.” Affogato bout it. Here’s my Robusta advice on coffee makers to vacation rental property owners. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Seriously) $ave your dollars. Buy a simple, inexpensive coffee maker. Replace often. Spend your $avings on complementary, quality fresh roast, fresh ground coffee for each guest.

Believe it or not, we keep a stash of inexpensive brand new in the box regular ol’ drip coffee makers in our office ready for their day in the (summer) sun.

Normally we’d advise go high end, durable, quality in vacation rental amenities. The coffee maker, however, well, when they go high, we go low. K.I.S.S.  Keep It Simple Seriously! You see, the fancy expensive coffee machines, they break down just as frequently as your $20 Mr Coffee machine and they’re way too complicated for your guests to bother with on their vacations.

Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals

A more stylish regular drip coffee maker $25

Few coffee makers are up to the job of constant daily use by thousands of guests a year. In fact, you’ve probably got one year; two at best when purchasing a coffee machine for your vacation rental. Stress points are the spring/connector where the pot meets the activator for the drip down point thingy, and the pot itself. They’re usually made of thin, high stress glass which can crack/shatter in the dishwasher. I’ve personally lost a lot of coffee pots to explosive glass flying nonsense when I’ve inadvertently banged it on the kitchen faucet when rinsing out. For a guest on vacation brain mode, well, it’s going to happen. Trust me. Replacement ‘universal’ pots rarely are a ‘universal’ fit meaning you’ve just spent almost as much on a replacement pot that you now use as an ornament when you could just as easily have bought a new machine had you K.I.S.S.’ed it to begin with.

Vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach

A complicated coffee station. Girl, no unless it comes with a hunky barista 24/7

The more expensive the machine, the more complicated it is for guests to use.

Unless you’re including a barista in your nightly rate, keep the fancy machine locked in your owner closet awaiting your educated hands.

Your guests want a simple cup of Joe with their Joe/Jane on vacation. It’s important. Really important:

  • “What type of coffee machine?” is the number one call we get from guests ahead of their stay.
  • Coffee machines gone bad are the number one call we get from guests during their stay.

K.I.S.S. Buy a $20 regular drip machine for your kitchen.

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A reusable washable coffee machine filter basket. $2 – $5.

Buy an inexpensive washable, reusable filter for your regular drip machine so your guests do not have to guess the filter size and bring with.

Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rentals

A simple Keurig style coffee station in your master bedroom suite will delight your guests. Just Do It!

Put a Keurig style machine in a coffee station installation in your master bedroom suite.

Keep it stocked with regular, decaf, hot chocolate, and tea K-Cup selections. Add sugar, and cookies.

Watch your 5-Star Reviews flood in.

Replace your regular drip coffee maker every 1 to 2 years. Flush out the inners of your Keurig every year and expect to replace the machine every 5 years.

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