Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths

Dewey Beach Dune Crossings

The pilot project dune crossing mat, seen here in blue (top right) on Dagsworthy Street.

Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths

During its April 21 meeting, Dewey town council voted in favor of New Jersey based vendor AccessRec to provide handicapped accessible dune crossing mats for 17 streets in Dewey.

AccessRec installed a pilot project dune crossing mat summer 2017 on Dagsworthy Street at the life saving station. You can see it in the photo to the left. It is the blue mat in the top right hand corner of the photo. If you stayed at our vacation rental property located at 17 Dagsworthy Street (also in photo) last year, you would have seen and used the crossing mat.

Dewey Beach Handicap Accessible Beach MatsAccessRec came in with a low bid of $98,350. The town has about half the project funded – $35,000 from the town and $20,000 in donations. As part of the approval, commissioners agreed no money would be spent until all funding was secure.

Commissioners also tasked Town Manager Scott Koenig with trying to explore grant opportunities.

This is what a dune path beach entry looks like without these much needed mats.

It is next to impossible to get a wheelchair onto the beach from such an access point. Many are steeply sloped at certain times of the year due to wind action.

The town is still accepting donations from businesses or individuals.

For more information on donating go to or call town hall at 302-227-6363.