Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsThe hot, humid summer has taken its toll on the container garden around our office entrance. Despite what the media reports, we have NOT had much rainfall at Rehoboth Beach this year. It seems that we’re in a little bubble of lovely, even weather here. When storms roll in from the west, they divert around Rehoboth Beach, hitting Ocean City, MD to our south and Cape May, NJ to our North. So, not much rainfall this summer. Plenty of looong, yumid, hawt days and nights.

Our lovely floral containers look like September edging towards October. The flowers have given up and are dying back; the plant leaves under obvious distress. How to clean this up, I thought?

Topiary! A new hobby. Inspired by the crouching cats, dogs, and lions and the splendid peacock sculptures of my youth in Great Britain, I thought, “I can do that!” Evergreens will look good year round. We can have sculpture of houses, mid century inspired shapes of circles, squares, rectangles, wavy things. How hard could it be? It’s not like I expect to whip out a pair of shears and turn a scruffy bush into a crouching cat. I expected it would take a year or two to really get going, but I thought a weekly trim would help keep me calm, just like my daily watering and weeding in the front office gardens.

Here then are the results of my first foray into topiary. I’m so stressed, I refer to it as Doh!piary.

Rehoboth Beach RentalsA house.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsA rectangle.



Vacation Rentals in Rehoboth BeachA square.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsAn inverted triangle.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsA torpedo shaped cone.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsA globe on a stick.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsRosemary globe on a stick.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsLavender globe on a stick.



Rehoboth Beach Vacation RentalsA ball/globe. OK. I cheated with this one. I bought an impressive globe. Twice the price of a scruffy bush. My first trim seems to have deflated the ball. Doh!piary.



Stay tuned. Next spring we will replace the front bed of annual flowers with a low boxwood hedge alternating green with variegated so that they grow together. We will endeavor to trim said boxwood hedge into a rolling wave, the variegated parts resembling ocean spray. Squint and work with me here!

So, one day, when I’m ready to retire and sell the business, hopefully we’ll have Topiary that will be the talk of the town. Until then Doh!piary.

Here’s my take on topiary in the mean time!