Downtown Beach Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation Rentals

Downtown Beach Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation Rentals

Introducing a New Website, New Logo, and a New Business Name: Presenting Seachange Vacation Rentals!


Seachange Vacation Rentals begins 2018 with a major step up in our game.  Today we will introduce a new vacation rental booking website, new business name, and new logo. Meeting the needs of a quickly evolving vacation rentals industry requires a vacation rental agency that is positioned to stay on top of industry changes, and where necessary, not be afraid, or be too large, to adapt in a nimble way in line with our industry. We’re proud of our new website – it will be the best vacation rental agency website in our area and continues to place us an industry leader.

We sought help from some of the best branding and technology companies in our industry over the past months, and I’m proud to announce that our new business name is, “Seachange Vacation Rentals.” A new logo was delivered in line with the name change.

Seachange Vacation Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation Rentals

A New Name – Adapting to a Fast-Changing Vacation Rentals Industry

According to, a seachange is a noun:

  1. a striking change, as in appearance, often for the better.
  2. any major transformation or alteration.
  3. a transformation brought about by the sea.

We founded our business on the need for focus in our beach short term rental market. The real estate market, however, is changing fast at the beach, just as our vacationers are looking for additional options. We increased our original mandate of just downtown areas to include a curated selection of properties in the amenitized communities that feed into our downtown areas. As such, our name was causing some confusion for property owners and guests alike.

Seachange is a better way of expressing what we’re about: bringing focus to a rapidly changing vacation rentals industry. Yes, this is an industry. Research and Markets estimate the global vacation rentals industry to be $200 Billion in 2017, the USA accounting for $50 Billion of that!

Our geographic location in the mid-Atlantic sources from a client catchment area to our west and north from Virginia all the way to the Canadian border. This encompasses Washington DC/Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York metro areas. A relatively stable economy and job market supported by the Federal Government and associated private companies in the Washington DC area continues to have a positive impact on the Delaware Beaches real estate and travel/hospitality industries.

Swift adoption of mobile technologies for browsing and booking, guest demand for ‘instant booking’ 24×7, and the cultural spread of the so-called, ‘sharing economy’ has further fueled a tremendous growth and, yes, seachange in the vacation rentals industry. Adding, “Vacation Rentals” to our business name places us well for online discovery since those words are the most frequently searched words.

It’s no longer enough for a rental agency to list every property in every area, throw it on the rental market with any/all ‘hand-me-down’ furnishings and bare bones amenities. Then once a year print a brochure with static rate pricing, sit back to wait for guests to come to them via walk in or telephone. If your rental agency is still working this old way, they’re leaving (your) money on the table. The vacation rentals industry and along with it the vacation rental agency, and vacation rental property owner must adapt to the needs of contemporary vacationing guests. See change, focus and adapt, or fade into irrelevance.

Explaining Our New Name: Tapping One’s Head While Rubbing One’s Belly!

Seachange Vacation Rentals Rebrands as Seachange Vacation RentalsWork with our branding experts led me to think that we have two sets of clients and straddle two industries. There’s our property owners in the real estate industry; then there’s our vacationing guests in the travel/hospitality industry. That approach induces a work energy akin to tapping one’s head while rubbing one’s belly simultaneously! It’s feasible, but the energy expended challenges any master of concentration.

Some feedback from one of current property owners clarified this for me and reminded me that while we may have a duality of clients and industry, they share the same goal.

Our client said something along the lines of, “At first, I thought you guys were kind of a pain (in the rear)! The other guys I listed with; well, they just took what I gave them. They listed it. I never heard from them. Checks came. Or didn’t. You guys are the complete opposite. You’re always bugging me! Giving me feedback. Advising me what to do with my properties, my rates, my guests. You’re very different and it’s working for me!”

Two Sets of Clients, Two Industries: One Shared Goal: Happy Guests = Revenue = Happy Owners

Our property owners and our vacationing guests share the same goal and it’s all about a great guest experience. Happy guests deliver revenue to happy property owners. The magic in the middle.; well, that’s all about focus and a different way of approaching vacation rentals. That’s where we come in.

How (Seachange Vacation Rentals) is Different?

Yes, we’re very different and different works (for you). We know that we’re not the best fit for everyone. That’s OK, we don’t want to work with everyone. Too large a property inventory dilutes a service model. We only want to work with property owners who view their properties as investments – not afraid to make the upgrades that modern guests look for to bring a return on the investment.

With plenty of competition among rental agencies at the Delaware Beaches, there surely is a good fit for all. I believe that the other guys are unfocused, competing on the wrong position: price. That approach has produced a legacy beach rental market dominated by commodity thinking. If we’re all just trying to be the cheapest solution, we’re in a race to the bottom in price, service, and guest experience. Remember, I said guest experience delivers revenue! Seachange Vacation Rentals chooses to compete on value add and fair pricing. We deliver happy guests that deliver increased revenue derived from well maintained, appropriately amenitized properties from owners happy with their income. How we do that is in how we advise our owners to best position their properties to appeal to guests, use industry knowledge and technology to monitor guest booking patterns and dynamically adjust rate pricing to deliver on optimum revenue.  Yes, we have instant booking 24×7. Yes, we still screen guests to ensure the right guest books the most appropriate property.

Our New Logo: Focus, Duality and One Goal

Our designer challenged us to pick a color that defined our business personality. We challenged our designer to design a logo that included our two sets of clients and two industries. We said, “No beachy cliches, no real estate cliches.” We picked the color orange. Orange personalities are social butterflies. Optimistic. Forward looking. Problem solvers at heart, they channel their energies to inspire and influence others. They have a zest for life and an even-keeled positivity. They can think on their feet, handle risk well, and can take what life throws at them without caving to pressure or panic. Orange is the color of adventure and travel which inspires enthusiasm, optimism and socializing.

Our designer has this to say about our new logo:

  • Regarding focus, the mark is contained in a simple circle and depicts a (minimalist) scene of birds-and-sea as if through a lens; further, the upper-central bird is also a caret indicating your point of focus by pointing directly between the lower two birds, which represent the home owners (roof-bird) and the travelers/renters (wave-bird).
  • The caret pointing down is also meant to conjure the notion of “down”, which is just a fun mnemonic device for added recognition value.
  • Flight = forward momentum
  • Duality in the two lower birds, also in the two colors and two font weights
  • Ultra simple and conservative in shape, utilizing a circle and a consistent line thickness creating only waves or 90º angles (with a little stylization as a nod to mid-century art)
  • Would look cool on a shirt!

Whether we like it or not, change is a fact of life. There’s a seachange occurring in the vacation rental industry requiring a seachange of approach for property owners and vacation rental agencies alike.  I’m so appreciative of your business and your trust in us to be stewards of your property investments. I’m thrilled to be in the business of vacation rentals with you, our cherished owners.

Seachange Vacation Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation RentalsAndy Meddick, Vice President, Seachange Vacation Rentals (formerly Downtown Vacation Rentals)

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