Venture Out to Explore These Amazing Haunts Near Rehoboth Beach!

Halloween means fall leaves and haunted hayrides and ghosts and goblins, and the beach? Maybe not your first thought, but there are plenty of Delaware haunted attractions among the things to do in Rehoboth Beach in the fall. You might be amazed at the number of haunted houses in Delaware that happen to be close to the beach!

Known as the “First State,” Delaware has a lot of old dwellings, historical roots, and passed-down tales ripe for ghosts and unexplained happenings.

Folklore? Or actual hauntings? It doesn’t matter to many residents: these stories and these locations are part of the local history and keep bringing back visitors year after year.

So, if you’re looking for scary things to do in Delaware Beaches this Halloween season, be sure to secure your condo or house from among our many Rehoboth Beach rentals or Delaware Beach vacation rentals and psych yourself up to visit!

Take a Candlelight Ghost Tour in Rehoboth

What could be scarier than venturing out on a night, guided only by candlelight (or rather, flashlight) and a narrator’s voice, to hear popular ghost stories and see haunted places in Rehoboth Beach?

This is a 45-minute walking tour that brings you past haunted homes, hotels, and more, with tales that include one about an allegedly murdered woman who, while her husband was found not guilty of murder, insists from the netherworld that she was “pushed” (or, according to reports of her voice eerily recorded on a ghost box: “pusssssshhhhed”).

You’ll pass by notable haunted locales, such as the Cannonball House and Ryves Holt House, which will be discussed in more detail below.

The tour typically ends with a complimentary warm drink—a fitting conclusion to such a “chilling” experience!

kids in skeleton customs in Rehoboth beach
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Visit Crabby Dick’s Restaurant and Town

A building in Delaware City housing a hotel and Crabby Dick’s restaurant is home to several ghosts, believed to be the restless spirits of soldiers from Fort Delaware who drank and partied at the tavern once found in the building.

As the stories go, doors here open and close on their own, strange orbs appear in photos, and an apparition of the original hotel owner’s wife is said to appear to male diners who are dining alone. According to the co-owners, a psychic who visited the hotel/restaurant claims the “myth” of the building’s haunting is NOT a myth!

If you can get past the possibility of spotting an apparition or two or at least feeling the presence of otherworldly visitors, the food served at Crabby Dick’s is scary good. The menu contains such delights as crabcake sandwiches, crab & shrimp pasta, snow crab legs, and steamed clams, not to mention the try-‘em-all appetizers (“fer’ sharing” as the menu suggests) such as Chesapeake deviled eggs, shrimp & crab egg rolls, and crispy calamari.

Ryves Holt House

It’s perhaps fitting that the oldest house in Delaware is haunted. Built by Dutch settlers in 1665, the structure, which began as an inn/courthouse/post office, is home to an unfounded rumor about a murdered woman.

But whether the murder is true or not does not seem to matter either way: there is reportedly an active spirit in the house, one that some believe to be protective of the old inn. An unexplained occurrence of a basement door opening on its own is part of the lore of this haunted place, with the door once nailed shut and still opened—with the nails mysteriously missing!

Today, the Ryves Holt House serves as the Information Center and Gift Shop for the Lewes Historical Society. You’re welcome to visit it, browse the gift shop, learn more about the area’s history, and get more details about the house’s haunting.

Cannonball House

Similarly, it is told that a nailed shut door—this time one that gains access to the attic—had been opened and a worker’s tools scattered about on a few occasions during a 1960s renovation at the Cannonball House, reported to be one of the most haunted places in Delaware. It has been told that footsteps and even screams have been heard within the walls of this historic dwelling. 

The Lewes Historical Society executive director has admitted to “feeling something” upon visiting the Cannonball House.

Built in 1765, the haunting of Cannonball House in Lewes is believed to stem from a woman owner in 1917, who burned to death after her dress caught fire when she got too close to the fireplace. The name of the house comes from the fact that a cannonball once hit the house’s front wall during the War of 1812.

The haunting of Cannonball House was even featured on A&E in 2015. Today, the House is a museum featuring many maritime exhibits

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The Addy Sea Inn

spooky figure in rehoboth beach

A haunted bed & breakfast in Bethany Beach is among the most well-known of Delaware haunted attractions. Three of the 13 rooms comprising the Addy Sea Inn are said to be haunted.

You can become part of the inn’s spooky history when you visit one of these three rooms: Rooms #1, 6, and 11. Think you can handle the tub violently shaking in Room 1, as many occupants have claimed? Or strange organ music that comes out of nowhere in Room 6? How about becoming a guest of Room 11, where you might experience the jacuzzi suddenly turning on and phones turned off? Room 11, a guest favorite, is haunted by a former employee of the inn.

Add in footsteps in the hallway and on the roof, music with no known source filling the hallways, and even the smell of perfume drifting through the air, and the Addy Sea Inn has plenty of frights to go along with spectacular sights of the sea.

Photo from Pexels

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