Getting in the spirit, the Rehoboth way!

We had a guest pop in to say hi this afternoon and spent a few minutes together thinking on our favorite things about Rehoboth Beach. Before long we had a familiar tune stuck in our head. Let’s see how it works with a twist…

Warm sand and salt air and games down in Funland,
Long strolls with ice cream and Thrasher’s in my hand
Certainly no tents, but look! kites on strings!
These are a few of my favorite listings…

Bungalow, cottage, a breezy porch keeps me cool
Condos and fenced-in-yards, town homes with pools
Lots are pet friendly—please none that will sting
These are a few of my favorite listings…

Linens and towels will be found in some houses
Or rentals are common, if planning allows it
The ocean, your hot tub, a pool gets you wet
‘Cause staying dry is certainly a trip to forget

Upon checkout, and we’re all out
When it’s turnover time
Seachange pops in to make sure there’s no doubt
That your stay will be quite fine