Grove Park Canal Access Dock Moves Forward

With so many various places to choose to vacation in, many people often overlook some of the most exquisite places and towns located so close to home! One of those places is Rehoboth Beach. While it is not a southern destination that many flock to, the City of Rehoboth Beach has some amazing places to visit and is constantly changing to bring more and more to the locals and the tourists. The first step in any vacation is to find amazing accommodations, and we have some amazing pet friendly Rehoboth beach rentals so the whole family can enjoy the amazing vacation!

One of the biggest changes scheduled for the city of Rehoboth Beach is the Grove Park Canal Access Project. This project would not only bring a new canal access point to the area but would also provide an incredible waterfront viewing area, complete with tiered floral features and lookout areas to enjoy the views of the Grove Park Canal. 

Grove Park Canal Access Project

The project has been in talks since November of 2011, but in January of 2020, the committee voted 5 to 1 in favor of moving forward with their amazing project. The city also received three competitive bids for the project and will be moving forward with the work very soon. 

This is very exciting for the city as the new Rehoboth Beach dock would have room for 2 30’ pontoon boats for events and a separate area for a kayak and canoe launch. The terminus will also be utilizing the architectural style of the Rehoboth Beach Museum in order to complement it. This terminus will create a western gateway to the City of Rehoboth Beach and will connect Lewes and Dewey beach along the intercoastal waterway.

The entire design is also ADA Compliant, so all visitors will be able to enjoy the new project. 

The new dock that has been approved will link up Rehoboth Beach via the Lewes-Rehoboth canal, from Rehoboth all the way down to downtown Lewes. The water taxi and canal previously existed, but Rehoboth was lacking their own public dock. The city is excited for this improvement as it should revitalize retail, art, and local Rehoboth restaurants at the western end of Rehoboth Avenue at the entrance to downtown! The rendered drawings that we have seen are quite breathtaking, and we can’t wait to see the finished project. 

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Other Active Projects for the City of Rehoboth Beach

With the work being done on the canal, many have been curious about other aspects of the city that need to have some improvements made. While the Grove Park Canal Access Point will be one of the biggest projects that are scheduled, the city has also scheduled work to be done in changing the Lake Avenue Streetscape and to make significant changes to their wastewater treatment plant. The streetscape is being completely revisited to be ADA compliant in order to make the area completely accessible to all, which is quite impressive. Some aesthetical changes will be made as well, including more central floral features. With all these changes coming to Rehoboth the city, now is the perfect time to visit.