Introducing our TPS Report

Vacation rentals in Rehoboth BeachNew for 2019 reservations! Introducing our TPS Program, A.K.A Touchpoint Program Services.

Once you’ve booked with Seachange Vacation Rentals you enter into our Guest Touchpoint Program. With limited inventory and high demand for quality beach vacation rentals, guests book vacations early, well in advance of their arrival dates.

Our new Guest Touchpoint Program leads the Primary (Registered Guest) through a series of contact points, or “TPS Reports” with Seachange Vacation Rentals in the months and weeks ahead of arrival. We keep track of the details and send you the right information at the right time ahead of your check in. Examples of information in our TPS Reports are:

  1. Booking Confirmation. Your receipt of booking that shows the breakdown of all costs, key property information, and an explanation on what to expect next.
  2. List of restaurants.
  3. List of great places to take photographs.
  4. List of things to do on a rainy day.
  5. List of things to do with dogs (pet friendly properties).
  6. Best places to bike/hike.
  7. Best place for breakfast.
  8. List of don’t miss things to do for your stay dates.
  9. What do I need to bring?
  10. Key last minute information for your arrival.

Did you get your TPS Report?