Kayaking Near Rehoboth Beach – A New Adventure for Your Delaware Beaches Vacation

Rehoboth Beach has a little something for everyone, from the beautiful Delaware beaches to the mouthwatering restaurants not to mention the gorgeous nature all around you. If you’re one of the many planning Rehoboth Beach vacations soon, make sure you block out some time to spend on the water. One of the best ways to see the area and get some sunshine is by kayaking!

Kayaking near Rehoboth Beach is a family-friendly activity that everyone in your group can enjoy, but if you’ve never done it before, not to worry. It’s easy and quick to learn, and then you can take to the water and make the most of your Rehoboth Beach getaway!

kayaks sitting next to each other

Why Try Kayaking?

You might be wondering why you should even put a kayaking trip on your itinerary in the first place. To start, it’s a great way to see the area. Kayaking gives you a unique perspective on the waters of Rehoboth Beach, not to mention a breathtaking view of the wildlife that calls this area home. 

Kayaking is also easy for people of all ages to learn, meaning the whole family can come along for the ride.

It’s a budget-friendly activity since kayak tours or rentals tend to be pretty inexpensive, and you can take as much or as little time as you please, allowing you to fit a kayaking trip in along with any of your other plans.

Where to Kayak

Now you need to determine where you’re going to go do one of the most popular Rehoboth Beach activities. There are tons of good kayaking spots in and around Rehoboth Beach, and plenty of kayak tour companies in the area can help you find the best places. 

For instance, DelMarVa Board Sport Adventures offers several different kayaking tours to suit your needs. You can set off on a guided kayak excursion through Rehoboth Back Bay or experience the gorgeous sunset with the evening kayak excursion on Rehoboth Bay. 

Another popular company for kayak tours is Coastal Kayak, which has been operating here for 22 years and counting. Let them take you through the Bald Cypress in a hidden freshwater pond or show you around the Assawoman Wildlife Area. No matter where you choose to kayak, you’re in for a treat!

How to Kayak

You can’t kayak without equipment! Luckily, though, this area is full of kayak rental companies that will give you everything you need for a day on the water, meaning you don’t have to lug your equipment from home or purchase everything when you arrive.

In addition to their kayak tours, DelMarVa also offers kayak rentals. Single kayak rentals start at $25 for one hour, and tandem kayak rentals start at $35 for one hour. If you’re not 100% confident on your kayak yet, don’t fret; you can take a quick lesson from a member of the dedicated staff.

Coastal Kayak offers kayak rentals as well. Every rental comes with a paddle, PFD with signaling device, and basic instruction from their professionally trained staff. You can choose a basic single kayak, an upgraded single, a basic tandem, an upgraded tandem, or a 2.5-person kayak. For an idea of price, a basic single kayak rental costs $20 for one hour.

Plan Your Visit

Of all the fun Rehoboth Beach activities, kayaking is one that you just can’t miss out on. It’s a great way to get your vitamin D and see all the beautiful wildlife and plant life in the area. When you’re thinking about Rehoboth Beach things to do, don’t leave this activity off the list! Once you’re done kayaking for the day, you can head back to our Rehoboth Beach rentals to relax and get ready for dinner or plan tomorrow’s adventures. Contact us today to learn more!