Kitchen Equipment Inventory Being Taken

Magnifying glass looking at kitchen inventory sign

Did you know that one of the complimentary services we currently provide is to take an annual inventory of your kitchen equipment? This is no mean feat on our part. Even a small property takes an average of 4 hours to complete our intake sheet. Larger properties can take up to a full day’s work.

The Seachange main office team is currently visiting properties to complete the 2021 annual Kitchen Inventory. Our aim is to complete this by late winter to give adequate time to refresh property kitchen supplies prior to the spring ramp up in bookings.

What Is Involved in a Kitchen Inventory?

We send staff to your property to do the following:

  • Empty out the contents of your kitchen cabinets and drawers onto your counter tops.
  • Take photos of all the items emptied onto the counter tops.
  • Inspect all items for damages. Trash any broken items.
  • Compare all items in good working condition against our annual Kitchen Equipment Inventory Checklist. Check off all items that are present and in good shape.
  • Reorganize your kitchen cabinets and drawers in efficient, functional manner placing items in good working order back in cabinets and drawers.
  • Label kitchen cabinets and drawers for Guest use.
  • Produce a report to you of items that you need to purchase: replacement and missing items.
  • Get your approval for the budget to purchase replacement and missing items.
  • Purchase the items on your behalf and bill your Owner Account for cost of goods only.
  • Visit the property and add the new/replacement purchases to your kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Take new photos of all items in your kitchen cabinets and drawers so we can track damages and missing items between Guest stays.

This complementary process costs Seachange several thousand dollars spread across our portfolio of managed properties. We incur this cost on your behalf.

Why Does Seachange Do This?

A well-stocked kitchen is very important to Guests. So important in fact that it is only second to cleaning as the top complaint from Guests. Vacationing Guests do a lot of cooking. They want a well-stocked kitchen. They will complain loudly in property reviews costing you much in terms of lost future bookings if you do not pay attention to this high priority need.

Hence Seachange Vacation Rentals Interior Design Services (“Seachange Interiors”) produces an annual Guide to Staging a Vacation Rental Kitchen. Not only do we require new Owners listing with us for the first time to comply with our Kitchen Guide, we now require all Owners to do so. It’s just that important.

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