Kitchen Supplies – Take Inventory

Jona Lewie was right. Where does everyone end up at a party? The kitchen, right? At vacation rentals, the kitchen is equally important. Guests cook. A lot. Outfit your kitchen well, else, oh well!

Not sure if all our Property Owners know this, but Seachange publishes a free annual Guide to Stocking a Vacation Rental Kitchen. Spring is a perfect time to take inventory of your supplies and top up/upgrade in advance of the first Guest arrival. We even put together an Amazon shopping list for you!

How did we come up with the inventory list (AKA ‘Guide’)? Here’s our magic process revealed:

  • As always, we trawl real life online Guest reviews. We look for consistency in positive and negative comments to give us a picture of what Guests are looking for.
  • When we travel we stay in vacation rental properties as much as possible. After I check out the bedrooms I run to the kitchen to check out the cupboards and drawers to see how well stocked they are. That’s before I check the bathrooms for cleanliness. It’s that important to me. Like most Guests, we cook. A lot. Getting the message?
  • We produce a list of items needed to prepare, cook, bake, fry, steam, serve, and clean up a meal and match the capacity to the sleep occupancy of the property.
  • We shop around for best prices that include shipping. Usually Amazon Prime membership is the price to beat. You might find better pricing by buying sets of items. You might even find items at yard sales and thrift store. Just make sure that the quality is top notch.
  • Don’t forget outdoor spaces. No glass or china around the pool!
  • We build an Amazon shopping list and make it public to allow you to pick and choose as applicable.

Can the Annual Guide Be Tailored to the Property?

Absolutely, yes! We recommend two levels of customization depending on the price point of your property rental rates:

  • High End Luxury Price Point Properties. Recommend that oven to table to pieces such as casserole dishes, and the ever important knife set be on the high end. Pick brands that have stood the test of time and are designed to move from kitchen to table. For example – casserole dishes. Go with the high quality, beautifully designed, but pricey Le Creuset. Another example – knife set. Go with the high quality engineered, Made in the USA Cutco brand.
  • Medium Price Point Properties. Yes, still go for quality, and prepare to replace some items such as baking sheets and roasting pans annually. However on the items that should last season over season, then lower price point brands such as Cuisinart make a good substitute for the heirloom brand Le Creuset.