Let’s Put it to Bed! What’s Happening with Bedding for 2021?

Owners – I need your urgent input on bedding for the 2021 season. Why the urgency? Our wholesale commercial hotel bedding suppliers will be raising their pricing soon and I need to get a bedding order to them to get 2020 pricing.

What Do I Need from You?

In short, your approval to purchase for your property by default:

  • 1 white duvet insert per bed.
  • 2 white duvet covers per bed.
  • 1 white blanket per bed.
  • 4 white pillow protectors per pillow per bed.

Why Do I Need to Buy New Bedding? Can’t I Just Use What’s Currently On The Beds?

Going forward, Seachange needs to separate any/all Owner personal bedding from Guest bedding for sanitary and practical reasons. This will increase safety and sanitation for our Owners, their family, and their Guests, by keeping your bedding out of daily Guest use.

Hence Seachange is converting all Guest bedding over to commercial hotel grade white bedding that we can buy at very low wholesale pricing – a fraction of the cost of retail bedding pricing. We need all Guest bedding to be the same look and quality since we must remove it for commercial laundry each Guest checkout. Regular retail bedding is not designed for this frequency of laundry and degrades quickly requiring more frequent replacement at higher cost.

Loss of Owner Supplied Bedding

I don’t think we have any Owners who have not yet experienced bedding loss. Seachange must remove all bedding for laundry with each Guest check out. With so much variety in bedding within one property let alone spread over all the properties that we manage; we cannot guarantee that when a bedding item is removed for laundry that it will come back to the same bedroom and the same house. At the end of each season, we find ourselves with some bedding items in our office that cannot be traced back to the originating home.

New Direction for Owner Personal Bedding

Seachange is recommending that Owners lock away in their Owner closets all bedding currently at their properties. That means mattress pads (not the bed bug mattress protectors), comforters, coverlets, duvets, blankets, and pillow shams. Going forward we will consider this as Owner personal bedding separate from bedding supplied for Guest use. When Seachange knows that an Owner is arriving for Owner Block we will bring your Owner personal bedding out of your Owner closet and have it ready on the beds for your arrival. When a public Guest is arriving at a property Seachange will use the new white commercial wholesale hotel grade bedding. Our housekeeping department will ensure that this bedding is on the beds for Guest arrival and removed for commercial laundry on Guest departure.

But Seachange I Paid for Duvet Covers and Pillow Protectors Last Year, Now I Must Buy More?

Possibly. Last season’s rollout of the hotel bedding for Guests was hampered by inventory disruptions due to COVID. Hence, we were only able to roll out king and some full size duvet covers and all size pillow protectors.

I will be contacting each of you separately over the next couple days with the specific order needed for your property. If you already paid for duvet covers and pillow protectors from last season that we still have in good condition in our linen storage, then you will not need new replacement ones.

What About Pillow Protectors and Pillows, I Even Have to Buy More of Those?

Yes! These items need to be replaced each year! Period.

Oddly, the lowest cost item – pillow protectors were the most controversial during the 2020 pilot program. I think this was tied into the fact that many of our Owners had already purchased expensive pillow protectors paying high regular retail pricing. While these pillow protectors are high quality, they fulfil the same function as our wholesale cheaper pillow protectors meaning that sometimes they are stained beyond laundry magic and need to be replaced. Best purchase through our wholesale pricing program.

We have tried laundering pillows and they just do not hold up. If you have laundered the pillows, they remain free of stains and are in good shape, then you do not need to purchase any new sets.

But Seachange You’re Telling Me That I Have to Buy All New Bedding?

No. We cannot force you to do this. All we can do is recommend.

While we prefer that you buy all new bedding going forward in order that we can separate out Owner bedding from Guest bedding, for now we’re only recommending that you purchase the full configuration.

We’re requiring that you purchase the duvet covers and pillow protectors through us. For now, new pillows and duvet inserts are optional, but preferred. Should you prefer to take advantage now of our wholesale pricing and fully separate your Owner personal bedding from public Guest bedding then that is preferred!

Remember that the Guest is driving this. Seachange is ahead of the game on this. Currently we are the only vacation rental company at the Delaware Beaches that has developed such an advanced bedding program that solves an industry wide problem. With Guests demanding all clean bedding for each arrival, then our competition will face the same pressure to adapt. That will be interesting to watch! In the meantime, agreeing to the Seachange Housekeeping Bedding Program will place you, our Owners, well ahead of your vacation rental competition and deliver repeat, happy Guests!

So, stay tuned and I will contact each one of you over the next few days with your preferred order and pricing. That should hopefully clarify any remaining confusion!

Thank you, Andy.