Noise, Noise, Noise Monitors in Vacation Rentals

This caught my eye this morning. A US-based vacation rental company has written its own software to monitor noise levels in its properties. If decibels reach an unacceptable level, the software triggers an alert that results in a call to the guest from the property manager. If it persists, a pop-by from a security company is in order.

The same company has also installed motion sensors and door bell cameras at its properties to sense ‘party’ potential.

Noise, Noise, Noise Monitors in Vacation RentalsHere’s an example of a noise monitor from a company called Noise Aware specifically marketed towards Vacation Rental Managers.

This innovative approach to good neighborlyness (I made that word up) got me wondering. Would you stay in a property with a noise monitor? Door bell cameras? How do you feel about this? A good use of technology? Well intentioned? Hot or Not? You vote.