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Seachange Vacation Rentals is hiring motivated humans as Vacation Planners in our Reservations Sales and Marketing Group. Must have prior experience with inbound sales. Must be fearless on the telephone, focused, good attention to detail, able to set goals, track, and exceed! Compensation is a mix of fixed recurring income and the expectation to double that income with a variable commissioned income based on reservations sales goals.

Seachange Vacation Rentals occupies a very specific niche address at the intersection of real estate and hospitality in the Delaware Beaches Vacation Rental market. Why work with us, list your beach property with us, stay at one of our properties? Easy as 1-2-3.

1. We use our industry expertise to stage and position our Owners’ properties for maximum Guest appeal and revenue.

2. We do all the work for our Owners and Guests. We handle everything. Our Owners carry none of the workload. Our industry leading reservations website makes it easy for Guests to find us and book with us. Our hospitality team delivers superior Guest experiences.

3. We deliver 80 cents on every dollar we earn for our Owners back to our Owners. Our flexible booking and dynamic rate pricing lets Guests book stays to fit their needs while delivering Owners 35% more revenue left on table if not using us.

Candidates – you’ll be working in our Reservations Sales and Marketing group. What benefit will you bring to our Guests, Property Owners, and our business? Sell us on why we need to hire you 1-2-3. Go!

No flakiness with schedules. No drama. Save that for your Momma!

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