Owner Testimonials

Rehoboth Beach Rentals

Smart and hard working.  The Seachange Vacation Rentals team is first rate.

Jason Scott, Property Owner

We paid for a family wedding with the income Seachange made us on our beach house.  

Melinda, Property Owner

Andy Meddick and his staff are the best! They have superb properties that are wonderfully maintained, fairly priced, and consistently well-furnished. They respond quickly and simply could not be nicer to deal with. The best in Rehoboth Beach, clearly!

Jeffrey Brillhart, Property Owner

Easy to work with and very responsive to tenant needs. Plus, they have the BEST rental properties in Rehoboth!!

Kathleen Hayden, Property Owner

I’ve worked with Seachange for almost a year and Andy Meddick and his staff are remarkable!  They are responsive, dependable and always polite and pleasant to their clients and tenants. We were having to sell our beach home before we worked with Seachange. Now we can afford to keep it.

Howard Schisler, Property Owner

I have been working with Seachange Vacation Rentals for 2 years now and as an owner of the property I can say the service has been wonderful.  Guests are always looked after and leave with a very positive experience.  I highly recommend Seachange Vacation Rentals!

Property Owner

As a property owner, the experience could not be better. The team thinks of everything, are very collaborative and responsive. We couldn’t have found a better team to work with us on our property. They care about it as much as we do!

Bryan and Jim Hoffman Lonsdale, Property Owners

Definitely, I recommend Andy and Seachange!  I am an owner and have had absolutely top notch renters.  Andy is an excellent manager who demands excellence from his owners as well as his renters.  I feel I am fortunate to be able to work with Andy and his team!

Julia Mayer, Property Owner

Andy and Mikey are very professional and detail-oriented. Their focus is not only getting the most potential out of your property but also  providing the best experience for the renters.  Energetic, engaging and responsive, they are a powerful team.  We have enjoyed working with them!

Sandy Reinfurt, Property Owner

Seachange is the best rental agency in Rehoboth. They’re discriminating in the houses they offer and make sure that things are in great shape for every tenant.
We’ve worked with them for 3 years now and had excellent experiences every time. Great folks.

Mark G., Property Owner

Andy and Mikey are creative in ideas to make the property conducive and appealing to the needs of the guests. Weekly checks on the properties ensure that the property is clean and ready for the new guest. They are quick to notify the owner if there are any damages that need to be addressed. When something needs to be corrected, Seachange takes care of it in a professional and timely manner. Seachange is a great company to work with as they look after the interests of both owners and renters.

Janet Powers, Property Owner

Such a great organization to deal with. They are very attentive to our needs and absolutely have our needs and desires always in mind. If you have a rental go see Sea Change for sure. As a rental property owner we cannot be in better hands

Tim Euler, Property Owner

Mikey and Andy have been extremely helpful guiding us through the process of renting our home. Thanks for your patience!! We love the new paint!

Janice Thoman, Property Owner

Very great company that puts the capital C in customer service. They care equally for property owners they are managing properties for and also take vacation guest rental customer care very seriously when guests stay at the properties they manage. Great company and highly recommend for property management and vacation guest rental services.

Amy H., Property Owner

I have worked with Andy and Mikey for over a year and have rented both my properties with them. they are very responsive to the renters needs and wants and prompt to taking care of issues that occur. They can be reached readily and are quick to resolve any problem, unfortunately some issues such as cable and tv can take time to resolve.

Molly Peters, Property Owner

I am updating this review to say that my opinion of these guys has not changed if anything it has improved. Andy and Mikey and the rest of the team exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received. And look forward to another season with them

Canio Caputo, Property Owner

This is our 3rd year with Seachange and we are thrilled with the level of service they consistently deliver.

Kosta Tsoukalas, Property Owner

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Coming over this AM to straighten our TV out with your busy schedule was over the top. Ken and I feel we made the right decision to use your company to represent us. My best.

Mary Lou, Property Owner

I was able to take the entire family to Italy this year with the extra income Seachange has made us. Thank you!  

Mark, Property Owner

Before working with Seachange I never heard from anyone. These Seachange guys however are totally different. They’re a pain in my a$$! They’re always contacting me advising me on what I need to do to earn more income. I listen to them and it really works! They’re doing a great job with all my properties. My income is up 4 times with Seachange!  

Ronald, Property Owner