Peaking my Pinterest

So we’re new to the Pinterest community and still stumbling along like toddlers. We’re in the real estate and hospitality industry verticals which are inherently visual, design-centered businesses. Pinterest seems a natural fit. We’re trying it out, putting on a new coat to see if it fits. Not sure where this will lead us, and we don’t like to be led. We like to be in the lead! We’re game to give it a go, so here goes! Find the Andybuythesea Group (vacation rentals and sales) on Pinterest here. Not too impressive.

My thoughts to date are somewhat muddled. I still don’t quite get it. My initial attempts at creating and organizing boards is pathetic! LOL! Don’t judge. It could be a full time job, and I already have one of those. When I compare my early attempts with boards versus those I’ve followed, I’m embarrassed at my naivete. Then again learning a new language (and yes, Pinterest is a language) takes time to develop function, well before fluency. Check back often on our Pinterest page for some cool stuff. I’ve seen enough so far that I see the possiblities for real estate and hospitality application. Most pinned items are cross-pinned from other boards. It’s a great way of connecting people, and that’s OK in my book!

Here’s my first impressions on Pinterest. Is it a:

  • Personal scrap book?
  • Organized memory collection?
  • Organized interest collection?
  • Visual pick me up?
  • Lifestyle inspiration board (storyboard) similar to one designers would put together to pitch a client?
  • Vision board to motivate?
  • Subtle gift guide for friends?
  • Lifestyle TO DO list?
  • Collection of things you can never afford/are saving for?

All of the above for sure. What stands out for me is the curation skill exhibited. Many boards are of museum-quality archival skills. A virtual tour of thematic experiences akin to wandering the halls of an art gallery or museum. Pass go. Do not stop at the gift shop.

Perhaps my favorite explanation of Pinterest comes from Evan Sharp, one of the co-founders of Pinterest. In a 2014 article on The Atlantic Pinterest is referred to as, “A database of intentions.” Food for thought indeed. Pinteresting to me also is that the founders of Pinterest are two males. If one is to believe media analysis, users of Pinterest are overwhelmingly female. Male? Female? Human.

Peeking my Pinterest

I’m impressed with the Pinterest UI (“User Interface”). It’s so easy to use. As a visual tool, visually it has to be compelling. Has to make sense. It looks very much like a notice board, yet the background is simple, stripped down, non-cluttered with undue noise. The focus is on the pinned items. However, what really appeals to me is the cataloging aspect of Pinterest. I have a background in systems analysis, data analysis, database design, and business analysis. In those professions, we’re conditioned to quickly scan lots of information in many forms. Then quickly categorize for similarity, and discard exceptions. My mind inherently looks for connections, patterns, consistencies, and inconsistencies. I’ve tried saving things I find online by printing and filing. I never look at them again. I’ve tried saving to the hard drive on my computer. The process quickly becomes unusable. Items get lost, surfacing again at random. With Pinterest however, it’s like a bunch of really smart techie people and designers got together with the folks from The Container Store and came up with a really cool tool for organizing, storing, and presenting visual data – Pinterest!

Peeking my PinterestAmy Adams’ character from Arrival, no doubt would love Pinterest.

Thank you for your Pinterest. I like to think of Pinterest as a curation of Possibilities. And that’s a lovely thought to leave you with.

Merry Christmas and may 2017 be filled with possibilities.