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SchoolVue is the southern edge of Country Club Estates comprising fourth plus city blocks clustered around the western edge of Silver Lake and the Rehoboth Elementary school. SchoolVue is bordered to the west by the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal and Route 1 South (the, “Forgotten Mile” connecting Rehoboth Beach to Dewey Beach along Coastal Highway); to the north by Country Club Estates; to the east by SILA; and to the south by Dodds/Killens Additions.

A 30 minute walk to the restaurants and shops of the town center and to the beach at the southern end of the Boardwalk. Similar to the western edge of Country Club Estates, this neighborhood is a great compromise of affordability, a quiet residential neighborhood, and easy walkability into the town center and beach areas. One may even walk across Silver Lake via the footbridge located within the Rehoboth Elementary School grounds.