rehoboth beach vacation homes

We admit it, we made the name up for this neighborhood. SILA is short for, “Silver Lake Area” – a ‘Tony’ neighborhood of primarily large single family homes extending around Silver Lake encompassing ocean front, first, second, third, and fourth plus blocks. Located at the southernmost edge of the City Of Rehoboth bordering the EOSA neighborhood to the north at the southern end of the boardwalk at Queen and Prospect Streets; Rehoboth By The Sea along Lake Drive East to the south; Dodds and Killens Additions to the west; the SchoolVue neighborhood to the west at Bayard and Newcastle Avenues.

Beaches in this neighborhood have easy access into the first block directly off of the Boardwalk. Also located in this neighborhood, at the southern tip of the Boardwalk, is the popular gay beach known as, “Poodle Beach” at Queen and Prospect Streets.

Homes are mainly large single family multi-level properties, many of new custom construction. A walkable neigborhood with 0-20 minutes walks to the boardwalk, beach, the town of Dewey Beach, and the restaurants and shops of Rehoboth Beach town center.

Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach is an approximately 40 acre picturesque lake located directly behind the Atlantic Ocean, between Rehoboth and Dewey Beach. Along with Lake Gerar and Lake Comegys, Silver Lake is one of the closest fresh water lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, on the east coast. Designated as a waterfowl preserve, Silver Lake is home to a variety of ducks, geese and other types of freshwater birds throughout the year, attracting numerous wildlife photographers.