Rehoboth-Dewey Canal

The Rehoboth-Dewey Canal is located in Sussex County, Delaware, and it connects the Broadkill River and Delaware Bay to Rehoboth Bay. It creates part of the Intracoastal Waterway. Many of our Rehoboth beach rentals can be seen from the canal!

The Army Corps of Engineers constructed the canal from 1913 to 1916. It was initially intended for use as a freight shipment route. However, since roads and railways were seen as more efficient, there was no real need for this type of route. Instead, the canal has been used for recreational boating. Many of the homeowners in Rehoboth Beach chose their homes due to their ability to gain access to the canal. You’ll also many of the Rehoboth rentals around the canal, as it offers them quick access to the fun things in and around the city of Rehoboth Beach and surrounding towns.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a city along the Delaware beaches of Sussex County. It is one of the principal cities of the Cape Region of Delaware. Over the years, the beach has become a popular vacation destination. The 25,000+ visitors to the city prove this during the summer season. Environmentally conscious visitors appreciate knowing that NRDC awarded it a 5-star beach for water quality. This is something that has only been awarded to 12 other beaches; one of the others, Dewey Beach, is also located in Delaware. In 2011, Delaware beaches ranked number one for water quality. Rehoboth Beach offers seasonal lifeguards who are responsible for the one and a half miles of beachfront. 

Future Plans 

There are currently plans being discussed that will help improve the appearance and functionality of the Rehoboth-Dewey Canal section in Grove Park, which will better serve the town’s residents and visitors of the Cape Region of Delaware. The future plans would provide access to key areas around the region, such as the Dewey Beach, Lewes, the city of Rehoboth Beach, and other areas along the Southern Delaware Intercoastal Waterway. 

Additional plan highlights include the following:

  • A pier & dock providing access to the canal from Rehoboth Beach that would accommodate two 30’ pontoons, kayaks, and canoes.
  • An ADA compliant terminus
  • A design that will complement the architecture of the Rehoboth Beach Museum

Grove Park

Grove Park is important to the city of Rehoboth Beach because this is where the proposed terminus will be located. It is also close to the visitor’s center and the Rehoboth Beach Museum, which makes it the ideal place for the newly proposed Rehoboth-Dewey canal improvements. In addition to the beautiful beachfront, many who are looking for pet-friendly rentals, are also looking for nearby parks

Grove Park is a lovely, shaded park, great for picnics and spending time with family and friends. There is a play area for small children called Tot Lot and workout equipment for the adults. It also offers a wide walking path. The park also houses two pavilions, restrooms, shuffleboard courts, and plenty of park benches for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. This is also home of the town’s Farmers’ Market, which people from all over Delaware flock to for unique trinkets and homemade bread, seasonal vegetables and more.

Plan Your Visit

The Rehoboth-Dewey Canal is one of the most interesting features of the area, so don’t miss it on your next trip to Delaware!

A Welcome Addition

The future plans for the Rehoboth-Dewey Canal are still being discussed, but from the amount of attention that has garnered, it is clear that it is seen as a welcome addition. Having access to key areas is sure to enable visitors and locals to get around more efficiently. The addition of the terminus is also sure to help increase the number of visitors to the area, which helps improve the town’s economy. The city has already received more than half of the funding needed for the project in grants and private donations. The Rehoboth-Dewey Canal will likely start to experience more traffic once the project is completed.