Revenue By Design

Seachange Vacation Rentals firmly believes that Vacation Rental properties designed with the needs of contemporary Guests in mind will out perform the competition delivering higher revenue and occupancy to the Property Owners, and delighting Guests.

Seachange has an Interior Design expert on staff offering our Property Owners complementary Interior Design services catered specifically to the vacation rentals industry.

Our Interior Design expert not only has a keen sense of aesthetic for interiors, but also has many years of formal training in the vacation rentals industry to recommend property renovation and upgrades of all scales designed to deliver guest comfort and satisfaction while placing an emphasis on the best use of a Property Owner’s available budget to prepare a property for Guest stays.

What Does Seachange Interior Design Services Do?

Property Walk Through – Starting with the basics, Seachange performs a property walk through (without the Owner present), recording the current setup of the property from hardscape (layout) to soft furnishings (furniture, lighting, d├ęcor and so on).

Initial Consult Report – Seachange delivers a report to the Property Owner with recommendations on what the Property Owner should do at the property in order to obtain and exceed current market rental rates.

Project Scope Agreement – Seachange agrees on the scale and budget of an upgrade project at the property. This may cover items such as: exterior – landscaping, lighting, and furniture; interior – ranging from the complicated (structural changes for layout correction) to the more simple and more common. Examples of the latter include a room by room recommendation on window treatments, lighting, appliances, soft furnishings, paint selection, and artwork. Basically the Property Owner gets a set of recommendations that say, ‘Do this and we can estimate we will get you these rates (return on your investment).’

Project Budget and Timeline Agreement – The next step is to give the Property Owner guidance on what is absolutely needed now in order to get the property ready for the vacation rental market, and what can reasonably wait until a later date (the end of the current season, or spanning across multiple seasons). In both cases, Seachange will deliver to the Owner a Vacation Rental Income Proforma clearly outlining the rental income and a cost benefit projection of the return on the Owner’s investment. From here we jointly agree on scope (what will be done when), and budget. Not everything has to be done at once. However, as we explain to the Property Owner, there will be an effect on rental income. If opting for incremental upgrades to the property spanning multiple rental seasons, then Seachange agrees incremental increases in rental rates and has the Property Owner commit to re-invest a portion of each season’s rental income towards future upgrades which in turn will deliver successively higher rental revenue.

What Does an Interior Designer Typically Do and How Is That Matched by Seachange Interior Design?

The following is a list of services that an Interior Designer would provide and charge for. Charges typically cover some sort of flat fee per service, plus a one-time project fee that is a percentage of the budget for the renovations. All of these services Seachange Vacation Rentals offers complementary to our Property Owners. Why? It’s good business! Not only are we helping the Property Owner increase the value of their real estate asset, but we’re also getting the Property Owner higher revenue and occupancy and delivering happy Guest experiences.

  1. Budget Planning and Rental Income Proformas.
  2. Staging and Redesign Consultations.
  3. Color Consultation.
  4. Property Staging & Redesign (vacant or top-up/re-work).
  5. Specialized Shopping for furniture, lighting, window treatments, flooring, accessories, and artwork.
  6. Project Management of Contractors.

What Do You NOT Get with Seachange Interior Design?

To be clear. Full disclosure, our Interior Design expert is not formally trained in Interior Design. However, he is an Accredited Staging Professional, and has studied the Principles of Interior Design. Seachange Vacation Rentals staff are not licensed, bonded, insured Contractors, Elecricians, Plumbers, Painters and so on. However, we’ve been in business at the Delaware Beaches long enough that we’ve been fortunate to build a bulky Rolodex of top notch service providers. We can recommend and liaise with the approprate vendors on the Owner’s behalf, and manage them according to the cost and time allocated for the project. A house that is not rental ready does not benefit the Property Owner, or Seachange. Paying Guests pay the bills!

Does This Sound Unnecessary or Overwhelming?

That’s why we’re here! You’re hiring us to take the workload off your busy shoulders. You get the benefit of our industry and local knowledge. You also benefit from our direct contact with your Guests and all the feedback that comes with it!

Not every project is a multi-month renovation. Most aren’t! We’ve covered it all from the large (coordinating property design consults for tear down/new construction) to the small (recommending a few minor soft furnshing and lighting swap outs/additions).

We’re mindful that any change to a vacation rental property must earn its keep. We do not recommend changes unnecessarily. We scour local and out of state thrift stores for low cost re-purposed treasures in addition to working suppliers for new item pricing.

You do not need as much furniture as you think in a vacation rental. Buy less of better quality. Buy the large crowd pleasing pieces first then decor and artwork last. For example – buy the best quality comfortable beds that your budget and price point allows. Budget for a kitchen well stocked with cooking, baking, and serving equipment. Buy a much bigger dining table than you’d think. Interior Design Rule Of Thumb for a Vacation Rental: the size and capacity of your dining table and living room seating must match the sleep capacity of your property. Don’t believe me? Scour the online reviews and see for yourself what Guests consistently rave about and what they dislike.

In closing, Interior Design for Vacation Rentals is not Interior Decorating! We never comment on a Property Owner’s personal taste. We recognize that if the Vacation Rental property is a second home for the Owners, then there is a much different client brief than a Vacation Rental that is purely an investment property that the Owner will never personally use. If it’s your second home, then have it, let your unique personality shine. Recognize, however, that just as when preparing a home for sale, you will want to appeal to as many Buyers (Guests) as possible, so go easy on over-custom looks. Any recommendations that Seachange Interior Design makes are always based on the idea of how best to maximize the Owner’s revenue and occupancy, and deliver delightful experiences to vacationing Guests.

Gone are the days of the rustic charm of a dilapidated, run down beach house with malfunctioning, or absent a/c, hand me down, mismatched odds and ends furnishings, dull kitchen knives and poorly stocked kitchens, dormitory style cram more in bedroom layouts and so on. Contemporary Vacation Rental property Guests may be looking for a unique property, but they also want all the amenities of a hotel and more. It’s no longer a, ‘home away from home’ that Guests want. Guests now want a, “Home they wish they had away from the home that they have.” Thank you Mercedes Brennan, one of our favorite Interior Designers working in the Vacation Rental industry for that quote!

One last thought to leave you with. Always agree to have us bring in our professional Vacation Rental Photographer. We work with the Photographer before, during, and after a shoot to stage the property for the camera’s unflinching eye. Things you may not notice walking in a room, well the camera sees all and you could get a big surprise. Good and bad. We don’t like bad! Guests notice it when they’re browsing online. They book first from the photographs before drilling down to read prior Guest reviews. Do you know why Seachange Interior Design recommends a light to medium gray, or counter-intuitively a pure white most frequently for wall paint color? The camera loves it! Did you know that beige on a wall does not photograph well? We do! Do you notice all the trash cans, electrical cords, messy hanging towels, furniture stains and assorted clutter in a room? The camera does and so do we. We take care of all of that before a photo shoot and you’d never now it from the absence of it in a good photo shoot.