The Best Vacation Rental Yet!!

This home was totally gorgeous! The pictures on the vacation rental sites don’t do it enough justice. Don’t get me wrong, the pics are beautiful, but experiencing the home in person was amazing! The one thing I wasn’t expecting was how high the ceilings were. It made me feel like we were staying in a villa!
* We were a group of two families with three kids, so 7 people total. There was plenty of room to spread out and call our own little corner of the house. Also, every bedroom had it’s own bathroom. That was extremely helpful, especially when we came back from the beach and need to shower off.
* The porch was big and relaxing. Lots of comfy chairs and a table to sit at and play games with the family at night. Also, some beautiful outdoor ceiling fans that help to keep the mosquitoes away and cool things down.
* All the tools you need to cook and prepare meals. Newly updated gas burning stove. Large refrigerator to fit all the food for the week. Also a big pantry to store all the dry goods.
* Speaking of the kitchen, the open environment between the kitchen, living area and dining area was really nice. It was great to be able to cook and clean while everyone was basically in the same environment.
* The property manager was super responsive and very polite. We wanted to use the hose in the front of the house to rinse off after the beach but it was turned off. One call and about an hour later, a handyman stopped by and turned it on for us. (It hadn’t been turned back on from the winter and was a fast and easy fix)
* You can’t have the good without the bad right? When everybody rents homes you’re going to have varying degrees of things that you wish were better, that’s just the nature of vacation rentals in my experience. So with that said, honestly, there were no glaring cons with this home. Haha, wait, I just thought of a ‘con’…book early! We booked the home in January for the July 4th week because it was the only week left for the summer!! If you can call a home that everybody wants to stay at a con 🙂
* We totally want to come back, and will be back in the future! It really is a gorgeous home. Nicely decorated, spacious, and great place to escape for the week with family and friends!


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