Sea Green – Save Money With Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Upgrade

Sea Green – Save Money With Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Upgrade. Read on for another in our, “Tip From a Local” Series and $ave moo-lah with a rare gift from the City of Rehoboth before they realize it and back it out!

Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Get UpgradeIs your life now fantastic? It is if you’re packing plastic. Rehoboth Beach parking meters, which are found just a short distance from our vacation rentals, get upgrade. The old style meters got a head transplant in time for the summer season – cash cow that the parking meters are for the City budget. You no longer have to walk blocks to find a change machine. Save your quarters for the boardwalk arcades. Whip out Daddy’s card and heat it up.

Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Get UpgradeRehoboth Beach City Manager Sharon Lynn tells The News Journal of Wilmington that about 45% of drivers chose to pay with their credit cards over quarters over the Memorial Day weekend, which was the first big test of the revised parking system.

Buyer beware though, card users have to pay a flat, 50-cent surcharge to use plastic. Pays to double down initially.

Visitors can also still pay with the phone app ParkMobile. Lynn says exact statistics on use of the app over the Memorial Day weekend weren’t immediately available.

Parking is the single largest source of revenue in the city’s municipal budget, with metered parking costing $2.00 per hour. For the 2014/15 City budget, parking brought in $4,100,000 in revenue for the City. That may buy a lot of green polos for the meter maids, but it sure as heck is not going to pay for the new City Hall and Ocean Outfall (editorial comment from a resident not happy to be paying for either).

Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Get UpgradeAnother from our, “Tip From A Local” Series. As someone with an office in the heart of downtown Rehoboth Beach on the busy beach block of Baltimore Avenue, I can report that introduction of these new style meters has given drivers an unusual, rare ‘gift’ from the City. You see, there are flashing led lights on these meters facing the street. They flash red when the meter is expired; green when money still left on the meter. They’re intended (I think) to make it easier for meter maids to see expired meters. Turns out it makes it easy for drivers to cruise and find meters with outstanding parking credits still left on the meter when the prior occupant leaves… Here’s my tip: if the led light isn’t flashing at all (as shown in this photo), then the meter isn’t on, and you get to park for free!

Rehoboth Beach Parking Meters Get UpgradeMy summer count at my office on beach block, Baltimore Avenue: made it to day 17 out of 115 so far with no parking ticket. 5 days to go to beat last year’s record where my first parking ticket was on day 22.

Here’s a link to the City of Rehoboth Beach parking information.