Seachange Lowers Owner Bedding Costs Setting Quality Standards

Seachange Vacation Rentals implements consistent quality standards with its new bedding program utilizing commercial hotel bedding at substantial savings to our Owners. Our 2020 summer season pilot program was very successful and Seachange will progress to fully roll out our new bedding program across all size beds at all properties.

By now all of our Owners and most of our Guests will have encountered the new Seachange bed topper solutions for COVID and beyond. Seachange has designed a good solution to the open dirty secret in the vacation rental world. This ‘secret’ hidden in unfortunate stained, plain sight? The bed toppers in a lot of vacation rentals are never washed between Guests. We’ve always thought this nasty so even before COVID we inspected these bed toppers at each checkout and pulled stained bedding for launder. Now we have COVID currently and this solution was not good enough. All bedding that directly touches a Guest should be replaced with clean items each Guest arrival. Period.

A brief recap of our new bedding program. Seachange has found wholesale suppliers of hotel grade duvet inserts, duvet covers, and pillow protectors. Our suppliers have given us pricing that is a fraction of retail pricing. Going forward our Owners will buy these items through Seachange and we will store in a lock up closet directly at the property. Seachange housekeeping will oversee the bedding program at properties arranging laundry and bedding rotation each Guest arrival. Owners can keep their current bedding solution locked up in their Owner closets and Seachange housekeeping will arrange for this bedding to be out on the beds for Owner arrival.

This new bedding service dovetails nicely into our current Guest linen program. Guests already get clean linens on arrival (mattress pads, sheets, pillow cases, bath, and beach towels).

Seachange can now meet our claim that any bedding and linen item that directly touches a Guest is replaced with clean each Guest arrival. This is part of the Seachange Rest Easy Booking Promise.

So what is the current status of the Seachange Bedding Program? Seachange is able to currently meet off season Guest booking demand for clean bedding and linens each Guest check in. For the 2021 rollout Seachange is currently working with suppliers for availability and pricing for full roll out to all bed sizes at all properties. Our Owners have not yet been billed for the new bedding beyond the current king and full duvet covers and pillow protectors. Once orders are placed for a full roll out to king, queen, full, twin beds (duvet inserts and duvet covers), we will work with our Owners for billing.

Rolling out this new bedding will save our Owners significant amount of a money and standardize quality and experience of Guest bedding while retaining Owner individual decor for what Owners prefer on their beds while at their properties. The new Seachange Bedding Program significantly moves the needle on consistent professional standards at Delaware Beaches vacation rental properties.