Seachange Vacation Rentals Reorganizes for Better Service

Quietly in the 4th Quarter of 2019, I reorganized the structure of Seachange Vacation Rentals so that we can serve our Property Owner and Guest clients better.

Effective 3rd Quarter 2019, Tom AKA “Mikey” sold his Financial Planning business, retired, then joined Seachange Vacation Rentals full time as our new Vice President reporting directly to me.

Seachange now has two Principals with clear lines of first level accountability:

  1. Company President and Owner, Andy Meddick. Andy oversees Marketing, Revenue Management, and Business Development. The latter is composed of Technology Innovation, Public Relations, and New Owner Acquisition.
  2. Company Vice President, Tom McGlone (AKA, “Mikey.”). Tom oversees Reservations Sales and Operations. The latter is composed of Finances and Services. Services further breaks down to Owner Services, Guest Services, and Property Services.

I also separated out reservations sales from operations.

On the reservations sales side, Guests now have access to a team of savvy sales professionals intimately familiar with the Delaware Beaches to not only book their vacation, but also help Guests plan out their holidays in our beautiful area while building a long term relationship with a Seachange team member. Tom will direct our new Vacation Planner Team. Congratulations Tom!

On the Operations side, I promoted Jennifer, our dedicated Office Manager, to Director of Operations and opened up initially two new Administrative positions to report to Jennifer as the head of our new Operations department. This new department will formalize our existing operations into three new streams of support covering: Owner Services, Guest Services, and Property Services (‘Property Management’). Congratulations Jennifer!

As the company continues to scale into 2021 with the focused addition of new vacation rental properties under our management, expect to see the addition of a new Director of Sales (reporting directly to Tom) to supervise our Vacation Planners. Tom will then focus on building out a new Vacation Rental Property Real Estate Sales department to add to our Vacation Rentals department.

I’m very excited to be able to have scaled the business to the point where we can not only afford to add additional staff in specialized roles, but also add new technologies and services to make all of our lives easier and more productive. Have no fear that we’re growing beyond our abilities to serve our existing clients. Seachange Vacation Rentals will always occupy that niche in the Delaware Beaches Vacation Rental market for a smaller footprint of company firmly focused on the needs of its clients. As we grow we will keep that sweet spot of company size where we’re large enough to have solid business systems in place to allow us to scale, but still small enough that we do not lose the personal, detailed approach that has become our specialty.

Thank you for your business, Andy Meddick, President and Owner, Seachange Vacation Rentals.