Seachange Vacation Rentals Team

Introducing for the first time the Seachange Org. Chart. Kind of. This one is our, “Inflection Chart.” Why Inflection and not Organization?

Inflection definition
The dictionary definition of inflection point.

When we first interviewed who is now the Seachange Senior Director of Property Services and Business Development, Jason Bianco, Jason mentioned that he thought our company was at an inflection point; we either focused and adapted to a significant turning point in our business, or… We hired Jason on the spot and he will help lead and steer in our future direction.

You see I thought Jason’s appraisal of our business was spot on. Seachange is at an inflection point. We’ve come a long way in six years, made a real difference to the vacation rental landscape in our area, and we’re scaling through slow, disciplined organic growth seeking the clients who really get our unique way of working. Jason is going to get us better organized, solve some inconsistencies in operations, and bring in more managed inventory and lines of revenue so that we can further consolidate what has been a great start!

Seachange (New) Org/Inflection Chart

The Seachange Vacation Rentals Team

CEO/CMO – Andy Meddick (Company President)

A typical Gemini, Andy has not one but two nationalities – a proud American, and Brit hailing from the Principality of Wales, UK (not Wales, England – don’t you dare)! Andy comes to us from a long prior career in corporate information technology in diverse roles: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Database Architect/Administrator, Systems Analyst, and a brief stint as a coder. Andy started Seachange Vacation Rentals because he saw a need for a leaner, focused vacation rental management company and he wanted to be actively involved in setting and developing consistent professional standards for the vacation rental industry at the Delaware Beaches. His experience working with Revenue Management and Marketing clients at Marriott International corporate headquarters has resulted in much of the Seachange business model. Andy’s favorite qualities in a person are curiosity and courtesy.

CFO/CSO – Tom McGlone (Company Vice President)

Tom, A.K.A. “Mikey” hails from New Jersey (ask him which exit), but we don’t hold that against him. Tom is a retired Financial Advisor and holds us all accountable! We say at Seachange, “You want a long answer ask Andy. You want a direct one, go to Tom!” As much the creative brains behind the business as Andy, Tom’s strong financial and business acumen (he’s an MBA in Finance) sets and keeps our business in a steady direction. Tom’s favorite qualities in a person? They have to love dogs and please don’t ever make it a long story!

Senior Director Operations and Business Development – Jason Bianco

Coming to us most recently from California, Jason was a hire we snapped up on the spot! The right person, the right role, the right time! Jason has an extensive background in all things vacation rental management. We can’t believe our good fortune to have snagged Jason away from a large multi-national vacation rental management company where he ran regional operations and business development. Watch this space for this man will do great things at Seachange! See the change indeed!

Guest Services Lead – Sean Oster

Sean is far too modest to tell you, but we will! This man is a pure delight to have in the office. Smart, caring, sociable, and fearless! A former marine who saw extensive deployment in Iraq, not only do we thank Sean for his honorable service to our country, but now also to our company. Our unflappable Sean! Nothing can pull that smile off his face, or the cheer from his voice. Sean also has a great background in property management. Our Guests are in great hands. Oorah!

Vendor Services Lead – Jamie Sprouse

Seachange Jamie

Another, “Pinch me we’re so fortunate” hire! Jamie comes to us from a similar large multi-national vacation rental management company to Jason, but from their Delaware Beaches location. Jamie has extensive housekeeping management experience, is a natural at calmly setting expectations and managing the smooth functioning of our vendor engagement. We expect great things from Jamie as Seachange bedding and cleaning housekeeping programs further develop.

Vacation Planner – Viki Dee

A perfect fit for reservations sales! If you’ve ever heard our Viki on the ‘phone, with that soft, velvet voice, well, I’d buy anything from Viki! Seachange is thrilled to have the famous Viki Dee working with us. Viki has a long career in the entertainment industry. Her smooth voice and diverse performance skills have kept us happy at the Delaware Beaches for many years. You’ve probably also enjoyed a cocktail or two from Viki’s mixology stints. Viki has performed with many legends in the music industry from California to the mid-Atlantic states. A serial entrepreneur, Viki has a very personal approach to reservation sales and works tirelessly to not only put the right Guest in the right property, but also is enduring bonds with Guests. Fun fact: a very young Viki once opened for Diana Ross and The Supremes! You can’t hurry love and you can’t hurry Viki!

Vacation Planner(s) – Sandra and Randy Young

We got a twofah! Husband and wife team, San and Ran give double the attention to reservations sales. These beach babies love the shore and all things vacation! They may work remotely as many do these days, but rest assured they know the Delaware Beaches very well and can find you the right property for your vacation.