September’s Coming Soon…

Signs of the season’s change are everywhere in our coastal beach town – sale signs in stores, specials reappearing on restaurant menus, For Sale signs popping up on beach properties (call me!), mid-week beach crowds thinning out, a little nip in the early morning air, and my lovely garden gasping its last as I start to prune back.

For us, “beach local” September is a bittersweet time. We say goodbye to our summer visitors, and, at least for our retirees, we hit the beaches in some of the best weather the year brings. For those of us still working, September brings a new season of activity – a shift of clientele, a re-alignment of priorities, and a yearning, finally, for a vacation of our own…

A nostalgic look back to summer memories – places of freedom and autonomy. If you listen to the piano in this song, it’s circular – a reminder to us that summer soon will circle back around again. For now we work, gazing fondly at that beach tchotke on our desks, wondering if we can, perhaps, afford a beach house of our own?

For our offices our thoughts are already with Summer 2016. Inquiries are coming in fast for next year and we’re listing new properties for rental. So, the calendar turns, and work shifts its pace alongside.

If you can still get away, squeeze in a mini break at the beach. There’s plenty of parking, and the ocean is the warmest its been all year!

Thank you for your business for Summer 2015.

Peace, Love, and Beach Houses!