Shower Your Guests With Style

The Outdoor Shower. We’ve seen some horrors. Some splendor. Most languish in that middle earth blah in between. One of the most overlooked elements of a vacation rental property in my humble, not so blah opinion. In a beach resort area, this is one amenity you do not want to skimp on. It’s expected by guests, and used. A lot. Get it right for glowing reviews, and glowing skin! Here’s 10 great ideas that we found for inspiration to remove that perspiration. Models not included…

Outdoor Shower Ideas for Your Beach HouseONE: Aluminyummy
DIY Outdoor Shower. Great for that spare corner of the yard. Runoff helps water your yard! This weekend project has three basic parts: two wing walls and a center pole with the plumbing attached. All materials are available at the Home Depot. Time: One weekend (4 hours of labor, plus drying time for sealer). Difficulty: 3 (on a scale of 1–10; requires modest woodworking skills). Cost: About $170.
Full article with list of tools and materials.
TWO: Miami Style
We love the minimalist style of this outdoor shower designed by West Chin Architects and Interior Designers for a project on Long Island. We’re reminded of the interior of the iconic Seville Hotel (now part of Marriott’s Edition brand) on Miami Beach.

Beach House on Long Island

Outdoor shower ideas for your beach houseTHREE: Outdoor Room
If you’re building a new home, or renovating an existing, budget the square footage and $$$ for this beauty. A mastery of outdoor shower design incorporating elements of practicality and style. Note that the pipes are hidden behind that stunning backdrop, the flooring is natural stone and porous for drainage, and there’s even a built in bench for comfort. #love!
FOUR: Display It, Don’t Hide It!
Not for the faint of heart, but, Wow! Add architectural style to that most utilitarian of features. Who doesn’t like showering in the rain?beach showers
deck showerFIVE: Deck-O-Rate This!
Left over lumber from that deck project? Don’t circle back to the hardware store, circle your ugly outdoor shower instead. Stain to match the deck, or make a feature with a separate stain.
SIX: Bamboo Beauty Within!
Bamboo taking over your yard? Use it up and match the natural elements in your yard. Where’s the shower you say? Open the door, and what a knock out! A nice pop of color on the backdrop wall designed to hide the plumbing. Even a light above the entry door to find the shower in the dark. Plantings inside the shower walls bring the garden into the shower completing the feeling of being outdoors suggested by the natural stone floor.outdoor showers
cool outdoor showersSEVEN: Tree’s A Crowd!
From nature to finished product. We love the wrap around design of this outdoor shower that makes us feel part of the yard, yet with privacy. Again, stunning backdrop to hide the ugly plumbing pipes turns the ordinary into extraordinary.
EIGHT: Why Not?
Ripping out an old bath tub? Why not re-purpose it? Pair it with your outdoor shower. Use a framing of natural stone, or wood to give a ‘built in’ feel. Turn your outdoor shower space into an outdoor bathroom. Use this design as inspiration. Send us a picture of your finished result!outdoor bathroom
beach house design
NINE: Don’t Be Scared of Tile!
We’re not lovers of stone tiling in interior bathrooms. You see, we see these from the housekeeper perspective. The grout and sealing on stone tile is hard to maintain in ‘fresh looking’ condition with such heavy use and weekly cleaning that a vacation rental property dictates. However, when it comes to the outdoors, bring it on! Stone and (as in this case), slate tile is perfect for the outdoors. It will weather nicely, even with routine cleaning. This design makes perfect use of an imperfect space: that little nook by the back stairs from the house to the yard. Add an elevated roof and framed screen to the front of this shower and you have privacy to boot. We love this retro design – the slate and shaped inlays bring the ’70s back in style.
TEN: No Boundaries
Do you find yourself at the mercy of your local planning and zoning? Have you maxed out on allowable square footage for building, yet still need an outdoor shower? This design is a great, low cost, simple solution. You may feel like you’re showering in the Bellagio Fountain, but y’all will look stunning doing so.beach house design

So, our final thoughts on outdoor shower design. You can see we’re not in love with the standard, “Telephone Box” style of outdoor shower. They tend to get used more for storage than for showering and your guests avoid them. They stand out from the design of the house and yard. Instead take ideas from these 10 designs. Incorporate the outdoor shower design into the aesthetic of your property – man built and natural. Blend form and function, but don’t forget comfort. Add benches, builtin cubbies for bath products and towels, hooks for clothing, and mirrors for primping. Allow for natural water run off. Promise us, never, ever use plastic molded shower stalls and bases outdoors. They will never look clean, and will not drain properly. On that note, make sure your cleaning crew include this outdoor space! Peace, love, and beach houses, y’all!