Stay For Less Pay Vacation Rental Property Deals

Stay For Less Pay Vacation Rental Property Deals

You stay longer, you should pay less per night, right? Right! It’s only fair. If you stay a wee bit longer than the required minimum number of nights, then why should you pay the same rate as Joe Schmoe who was too cheap to treat his family to a longer vacation?

That’s it in a nutshell. Our, “Stay For Less Pay” off-summer season deal. Beyond the minimum night stay (a 2 or a 3-night minimum, depending on time of year and what’s going on) you will see incrementally better nightly rates all the way up to the weekly rate. We could spell it out for ya, but it’s fun to try it out and find the sweet spot for yourself. You’ll find if you pull sample dates the rates get better and better each night and you’ll find a ‘hidden sweet spot’ somewhere between a 3-night and a 7-night stay where the nightly rate just crested that hill of esepcially special deals! Try it and see. We’ve factored in deals that drop nightly rates up to a half! And, if you want to check out early – no penalties (you still pay the full stay to get the deal though).

Click on any of the map pins below to pull up any of our properties below and look at dates from 2/18/17 – 5/26/17 and 9/8/17 – 1/5/18. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

Drag the map down, or make it smaller to see our Bethany Beach properties also.

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