Suns Out, Puns Out – The States Punniest Craft Beer Names

Dogfish Head BreweryWe had fun with this one!

There is a proliferation of craft breweries across the United States, pioneered by Rehoboth Beach/Milton’s very own Dogfish Head Brewery.

These small businesses are stacked with creative, left of center thinkers focused on a fun product that are stimulating a trend of beer-based travel exploration. The result can often be funny names for their products.

Here are our favorites from each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. I’m sure you have your own favorites to add.

A disclaimer. Some of the funniest beer pun names are distinctly non-PG rated. Unfortunately while we laughed a lot finding them, we cannot share them here!

  1. IPAcalypse Now. An American IPA from Singin’ River Brewing Co., Alabama.
  2. BREWtality – Espresso Black Bier. A German Schwarzbier from Midnight Sun Brewing Co., Alaska.
  3. Joy Rye’d. A Rye IPA from Historic Brewing Company, Arizona.
  4. I’ll Be Bock. A German Bock from CORE Brewing Co., Arkansas.
  5. Punkin’ Drublic. An Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Coronado Brewing Company, California.
  6. Mash of the Titans. A Milk Stout from Odell Brewing Company, Colorado.
  7. 668 Neighbor of the Beast. A Belgian Golden Ale from New England Brewing Company, Connecticut.
  8. For Whom The Belge Tolls. A Belgian Golden Ale from Franklin’s Restaurant & Brewery, Washington, D.C.
  9. Spruce Willis. A Spiced Wheat Ale from Dogfish Head Brewery, Delaware.
  10. Dry Humpkin. A Pumpkin Beer from Cigar City Brewing, Florida.
  11. Boom Shakalager. A Bavarian style Imperial Lager from Terrapin Beer Company, Georgia.
  12. Joe Mama’s Amber Lager. A Vienna style beer from Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Company, Hawaii.
  13. Boo Koo IPA. An American IPA from Mother Earth Brew Co., Idaho.
  14. Lacto The Future. A Kettle Sour beer with Lactobacillus from Revolution Brewing, Illinois.
  15. Apocalypse Cow. A Double IPA from Three Floyds Brewery, Indiana.
  16. Leder-Bro-Sen. A German Marzen style Oktoberfest beer from Barn Town Brewing, Iowa.
  17. Out to Pasteur. An English Stout style from Augustino Brewing, Kansas.
  18. Citra Ass Down. A Double IPA from Against The Grain Brewery, Kentucky.
  19. Cinco De Bayou. A Mexican style Lager from Bayou Teche Brewing, Louisiana.
  20. Respect Your Elderberries. A Barrel Aged Sour with Elderberries from Allagash Brewing Company, Maine.
  21. Up All Nitro. A Nitro Stout infused with cold brew espresso from Backshore Brewing Company, Maryland.
  22. Gourd of the Rings. A Pumpkin Beer from Cambridge Brewing Company, Massachusetts.
  23. Peter Piper Peppered Pale. An American Pale Ale from Founders Brewing, Michigan.
  24. Sweet Child of Vine. An English IPA style from Fulton Beer, Minnesota.
  25. Should I Stay or Should I Gose. A Leipzig Gose style from Slowboat Brewing Co., Mississippi.
  26. Weiss & Virtue. A Bavarian Weiss beer from 2nd Shift Brewing, Missouri.
  27. Runnin’ On MT. An American Pale Ale from Draught Works, Montana.
  28. Love Thy Neighbeer. A Pale Wheat American Ale from Blue Blood Brewing Company, Nebraska.
  29. Hauling Oats. An Oatmeal Stout from Tenaya Creek Brewery, Nevada.
  30. T.I.P.A. The Iceberg. An American Imperial IPA Tripel from Big Water Brewery, New Hampshire.
  31. There’s No Rye-Ing in Basebull. A Rye beer from Bolero Snort Brewery, New Jersey.
  32. A Slice of Hefen. A Bavarian style Wheat Ale from La Cumbre Brewing Co., New Mexico.
  33. Circum Session Ale. A Witbier style from Schmaltz Brewing Company, New York.
  34. Stop, Collaborate, & Glisten. An American Wild Ale style in collaboration with Night Shift Brewing from NODA Brewing Company, North Carolina.
  35. Pour Timing. An American Imperial Stout style from Fargo Brewing Company, North Dakota.
  36. Audrey Hopburn. A Belgian IPA style from Great Lakes Brewing, Ohio.
  37. Havana Affair. A German style Pilsner from Stonecloud Brewing, Oklahoma.
  38. For Those About to Bock. A German Bock style from Hopworks Urban Brewery, Oregon.
  39. Sexy Motherpucker. An American Sour Ale from Weyerbacher Brewing Co., Pennsylvania.
  40. Blonde Jovi Ale. An American Blonde Ale style from LineSider Brewing Company, Rhode Island.
  41. Petal to the Fleur. A Belgian Dubbel brewed with Chamomile, Lavender, and Rose Petals from Low Tide Brewing, South Carolina.
  42. London Cow-ling. An English Milk Stout style from Remedy Brewing Company, South Dakota.
  43. Mrs. Stoutfire. An English Milk Stout style from Cool Springs Brewery, Tennessee.
  44. Dunkel Breakin’ My Heart. A Munich Dunkel Lager from Klaus Brewing Company, Texas.
  45. Fermentation Without Representation. An Imperial Pumpkin Porter from Epic Brewing Company, Utah.
  46. Dolla Dolla Pilz. A German style Pilsner from Four Quarters Brewing, Vermont.
  47. Drink Of Me Fondly. A Bière de Champagne/Bière Brut style from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Virginia.
  48. Pandora’s Bock. A German Bock style from Elysian Brewing Company, Washington.
  49. Your Best Hoption. An American Imperial IPA style from Chestnut Brew Works, West Virginia.
  50. Tripel Bypass. A Belgian Tripel named for the number of times people pass by the taproom before finding it from Raised Grain Brewing Company, Wisconsin.
  51. Deer Abbey. A Belgian Abbey Dubbel from Black Tooth Brewing Co., Wyoming.