The Joy of Local Vacation Radio

When staying in a vacation rental, scan around on the wireless radio dial, or, in modern parlance, browse the web on your mobile device and find your hyperlocal radio station. Most small resort towns have them, if you’re lucky!

We love these small, local radio stations when we travel because, firstly they always play great music! Then of course there is a great selection of hosts and programming by locals who live in the area. Add to the mix local weather, beach, ocean (or ski) reports, ads by local businesses so you can gain awareness of them, and support them, and information on local events.

In Rehoboth Beach we have Radio Rehoboth. Find them on your radio dial at 99.1FM. Radio Rehoboth just got voted Beset Hyperlocal Radio Station by Delaware Today.

Aldo in Rehoboth Beach, thanks to the geography of the Delaware Bay and the closeness of the Cape May, NJ resort area, we can also pick up Wibbage, from Avalon NJ, another popular vacation rental area. Wibbage broadcasts on 1020AM, 94.3FM, and 101.3FM, or listen online. We also love Wibbage since we grew up going to the Jersey Shore before NJ taxes had us relocate our beach fun to the Tax Free Delaware Beaches!

Have you found great hyperlocal listener supported radio stations while staying at a vacation rental? Let us know so we can add them to our list and dial when we travel!