The New Dock on the Grove Park Canal in Rehoboth & How It Can Make Your Trip Easier

Vacationing in Rehoboth Beach and want to visit Lewes? Or vice versa? How about a traffic-free trip to Dewey Beach? These trips just got easier! Avoid motor vehicle traffic and boat or kayak and dock at the new wharf on Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. You’ll be just a short walk to the beach, Grove Park, Rehoboth Beach Museum, and many other things to do in Rehoboth Beach. Or, you can take this more leisurely route and explore things to do in Lewes Beach, Delaware. Let’s learn more about this new canal access dock and how it can change the way you visit Lewes and Rehoboth Beach.

About the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal Improvement Association

You can thank the nonprofit Lewes-Rehoboth Canal Improvement Association (LRCIA) that this new dock exists at all.

Although Rehoboth Beach was in charge of the project, the Association, through donations and grants, raised over $1 million of the $1.25 million needed to complete the dock. The Association’s involvement reflects its commitment to making the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal more functional and accessible. 

With the dock complete, LRCIA is working with water taxis and ecotour companies to bring more people to the area.

What is Rehoboth Canal Access Dock & its History?

Rehoboth Beach water

Talk about an access dock on the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal began in 2011; after a sluggish start, progress intensified over the past few years. In January 2020, the city of Rehoboth Beach accepted the lowest of three bids from contractors, and work began in earnest. The project was completed in January 2021.

The dock is the latest addition to the Lewes Rehoboth Canal history. The Canal was constructed between 1913 and 1916, with its intended purpose to be for freight ships to navigate between Broadkill River and Delaware Bay. 

And while the Canal has transported goods to area farms for the past century, it has primarily been used by boaters and kayakers to enjoy the waters and views. The completion of the access dock now means that people can be more easily transported between Lewes, Dewey, and Rehoboth Beaches. People can more easily launch from this site and use the spot as a relaxation point since adjacent Grove Park has a pavilion and playground so the entire family can enjoy the outdoors.

The completed dock accommodates two 30-ft. pontoon boats and also has a kayak/canoe launch.

Why It’s Important

So, why push for an access dock in this region?

It is believed that the existence of this dock will increase the number of visitors to the Rehoboth Beach area, which will, of course, have a positive economic impact. Since the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center is located next to the museum, visitors can find dozens of brochures for local attractions and activities, so the beach towns could likely benefit from a rise in visitors drawn to these locations.

In short, the dock could lead to a revitalization of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and other businesses established in an area not highly frequented by tourists.

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