The Seachange Vacation Rentals Story

If the following message from the heart is not enough to convince you, then here’s 7 Reasons to List with Seachange Vacation Rentals.

Seachange Vacation Rentals was started with you in mind, first and foremost. We exist to make you, our client, successful.

Vacation rentals in Rehoboth BeachWe have two sets of clients: our property owners whose vacation rental property inventory we manage; our guests who stay in the properties that we manage.

Managing two sets of clients can make us feel like we’re doing the proverbial head tap and belly rub at the same time. We’re good at that! On the face of it, two client sets implies two sets of requirements. Not at all! Helping our property owners manage their property assets, consulting on interior design and amenities for vacationing guest needs, recommending and enacting property upgrades and maintenance to provide high quality properties makes for happy guests. Happy guests enjoying their well earned vacations with the benefits of consistency in property quality, and customer service deliver revenue for happy owners.

There may be two client sets, but at Seachange Vacation Rentals we took a bold move. We put the guest at the center of all that we do. That simple re-orientation of focus is what we felt was missing from the contemporary beach vacation rental market. When the guest is the focus, the business model becomes a repeatable set of simple choices. Savvy Owners know that if the guest is happy, then the property will book, and revenue will follow. What makes for a happy guest? Each property may be unique, but the hospitality expectations are the same:

  • Properties set up and managed with guest needs prioritized.
  • Consistent standards of quality.
  • Modern, comfortable, well-maintained amenities.
  • Ease and practicality of booking process.
  • Courteous, efficient customer service.
  • Help during the stay.

Property Owners who understand the importance of prioritizing guest needs will do well in the vacation rental industry. Such property owners are a good fit with our vacation rental company.

At Seachange Vacation Rentals we believe the word choices we make, matter. We added the word vacation to the rental industry at the beach. This solidifies the guest’s importance to the business. We dislike the term, “Property Manager.” Property Management is important, but to call your vacation rental agency, “Property Managers” is too simple a description for the services we provide. “Asset Managers” would be closer since we manage the value of the investment asset that the property is to an owner and guest. We decided on the phrase, “Provider of vacation rental services for busy people!” Catchy, huh?

At the intersection of real estate and hospitality is where you’ll find the happy, head tapping, belly rubbing staff at Seachange Vacation Rentals. We’re different to other agencies. Very different. Different works for you!

How are we different? Here’s Four FAIR Reasons why…

Vacation rental companies in Delaware

Every company out there will claim that they’re the best, the biggest, the first, the only… Two thoughts on that: define best; isn’t that all assumed? So what makes Seachange Vacation Rentals different? Why should you, a property owner list your beach property with us for rental management? Why should you, a guest book and stay at one of our managed properties?

Vacation rentals in rehoboth beach

Who’s coming with me?

Light Bulb Moment

I’m Andy Meddick. I started Seachange Vacation Rentals out of my experience renting my own vacation rental properties with more than one other legacy rental agency in our area. I also worked for one of the largest, oldest rental agencies in our area. I saw the workings from the inside as a rental agent and a property owner.

As a property owner, my experience renting my properties with a few of the other agencies was that the fit was just not there for me. I was worrying too much about my properties and was not able to relax and just leave it to the agencies to get the job done. I needed a more involved, hands on, proactive agency. One that consulted, advised, and ultimately delivered maximum revenue. I did not want to have to worry about damages and who was renting my properties. I did not want to have doubts over whether or not there was money left on the table for non-rented dates. I wanted to see feedback from guests. I wanted to know how I could get higher rates and revenue. I wanted to know where I could save money. I wanted to know how I could minimize damages.


I didn’t want to work this hard managing my property when I’d hired an agency to do that for me


Enter Seachange Vacation Rentals.

We’re changing how property owners and guests see rental agencies at the beach.

We’ve raised the experience from a commodity to a specialism.

We put the term Vacation in the phrase Rental Agencies.

Yeah, we did that. They won’t admit it. We did it.

They’re all now using it.

Seachange Vacation Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation Rentalshandles all the details for our property owners
we find revenue others leave on the table,
delivering profit, revenue growth, and
delightful repeat guest experiences

we deliver

optimum revenue

optimum occupancy

happy guests = revenue = happy owners

how do we do it?



ask really good questions

look for patterns and consistencies

do what we say we’re going to

provide constant feedback for improvements


We’re very different to the other vacation rental agencies. We’re not a great fit for everyone. That’s OK. We don’t want to work with everyone. We only take a limited number of vacation rental property listings into our management program.

When our property owners follow our recommendations, we deliver increased revenue and occupancy, better maintained properties better suited to modern guest needs, better guest experiences, and corresponding golden five star guest reviews.

We’re very hands on. We engage, consult, and apply our considerable knowledge of the contemporary vacation rental industry. Things are changing fast, and we’re focused, and nimble enough to adapt.


you’re looking for a vacation rental management company that you’re going to hear recommendations from, that will deliver on their claims


contact us


list with the other guys

same old thinking

same old results

same old same old

list your beach property for rent with seachange vacation rentals*

Seachange Vacation Rentals Re-brands as Seachange Vacation Rentals

working different

because different works for you

Still need convincing? 7 Reasons to List with Seachange Vacation Rentals.

* Not a solicitation for your business if your property is already listed with another agency for rental management.