Things to Do in Rehoboth Beach

sparkler on rehoboth beach for july 4th

July 4 Events at the Delaware Beaches

Looking for a new venue in which to experience the Fourth of July observances this year? If you’ve never given much thought to visiting the fun and diverse Delaware Beaches, why not rectify that this Fourth of July? The Delaware...

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man running on Rehoboth beach

Rehoboth Beach Running Company

With everyone flocking to the country’s southern shores, many people often forget that quite a few of our eastern states have some incredible beaches and picturesque locales available as well. Of course, you may not find your ideal tropical weather....

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lifeguard stand on Rehoboth beach

Which Delaware Beaches are Lifeguarded?

The Delaware beaches are quite dazzling. Windsurfing, paddleboarding, kite surfing, and just plain old surfing are incredibly popular due to the beach’s big waves and shore drops. But there’s also plenty of beachgoers lounging out and families flocking to the...

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On the Buses TV show

Busman’s Holiday – Vacation Rental Lessons Learned and Reinforced!

COVID Fauci'd up our Christmas travel plans overseas this year. We decided to stay closer to home. Where do Owners of a Vacation Rental company stay when they travel? A vacation rental, naturally! We love to stay in vacation rentals when we travel, not only for the many known advantages of such lodging options, but, also we learn a lot from the Guest perspective. We realize when we're getting things right in our rentals, and get good ideas for things to add, or do differently. Here are the things in this cottage booking that delighted us as Guests and impressed us as Vacation Rental Owners and Managers.

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