Sprucing up a Memorial

On the street outside our offices we have a parking meter stand with a lovely shade tree and one of many memorials to former city residents that are common around town. Given that there are parking spots on the street...

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The World Is Running Out of Sand

 Stuck in summer traffic t’other day, on pops an NPR segment on a global shortage of sand. Yeah right! I thought. You should see our vacation rental properties on a busy turnover day. Recycle that and you’ve solved your...

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Breaking News Biscoff Belgian Chocolate Biscuits

Share this breaking news! You’ve loved them on airlines… Now Seachange Vacation Rentals has partnered with a sweaty man who runs to Safeway each week ahead of check ins in high heat and humidity to, wait for it, place Biscoff...

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Interior design for vacation rentals

Breaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals

Breaking News: Interior Design for Vacation Rentals: Introducing One Voice Designs Interior Design by Seachange Vacation Rentals In another first for the Delaware Beaches vacation rental industry, and further solidifying their place as an industry disrupting trail blazer, Seachange Vacation...

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Dewey Beach Handicap Accessible Beach Mats

Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths

Dewey Gets Accessible Dune Paths During its April 21 meeting, Dewey town council voted in favor of New Jersey based vendor AccessRec to provide handicapped accessible dune crossing mats for 17 streets in Dewey. AccessRec installed a pilot project dune...

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Peaking my Pinterest

So we’re new to the Pinterest community and still stumbling along like toddlers. We’re in the real estate and hospitality industry verticals which are inherently visual, design-centered businesses. Pinterest seems a natural fit. We’re trying it out, putting on a...

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Delta Air Lines Makes a Miles Deal with Airbnb

In the first of our, “Travel Industry News” post collection, AKA, “News of the Views!” we report on the interesting and not totally surprising decision for Delta Airlines to issue air miles to passengers who book stays with AirBnb. The...

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Noise, Noise, Noise Monitors in Vacation Rentals

This caught my eye this morning. A US-based vacation rental company has written its own software to monitor noise levels in its properties. If decibels reach an unacceptable level, the software triggers an alert that results in a call to...

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Breaking News Maryland Announces School Start Change

In breaking news Maryland Announces School Start Change (maybe). This Wednesday Maryland officials are set to make an announcement that brings to a conclusion a controversial debate to change their schools districts start dates to after Labor Day from 2017...

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