Top 5 Vacation Rental Must Haves

In a busy landscape of vacation rental property options, how do you make your property stand out and appeal to repeat guests?

Here are our Top 5 Vacation Rental Must Haves for your property. We have summarized years of experience managing vacation rental properties in a crowded resort market that is dominated by a few large management companies who have been operating since the 1950s. Well, it’s not 1950 any longer. Guest wants, needs, desires, and tolerances have changed. Guests increasingly look for hotel type amenities combined with modern home comforts in their vacation rental property booking. Short term vacation rental needs are very different to long term rental property needs. It’s not enough to offload all your old mis-matched furniture and equipment to ‘the rental’. It may be, “Good enough for rental” but it’s not good enough for vacation rental. We scanned thousands of reviews to look for consistency in guest feedback – good and bad. Here are our Top 5 items that guests consistently mention. Savvy vacation rental property owners know this and accommodate accordingly.

List your beach house for rent with downtown beach rentalsUse semi-firm to firm padded top, high end comfortable mattresses in size queen or larger. Replace every 3 to 5 years. Double bag mattresses in a zip up bed bug waterproof cover, with a cotton, washable mattress cover on top. Replace the mattress cover with a clean one each check in. Only children can sleep comfortably in mattresses smaller than a queen. Do not buy full size. Don’t be cheap! Include fresh linen rental (plus mattress covers and pillow covers) for each check in. Swap out your faded, floral, beachy shell covered thick comforters for light weight, washable cotton coverlets in white or neutral tones. Have 2 coverlets per bed. One on the bed in use, one clean and ready to go in each bedroom closet.

List your beach house for rental with downtown beach rentalsModern, open-plan kitchens are great if your property design includes it. However, modern cabinetry is not of highest requirement. Just make sure that the appliances are all modern, in good maintained, working order. Follow our annual kitchen staging guide and ensure that the kitchen is well stocked to cook, bake, roast, serve, and eat a full cooked meal. Don’t forget beverage glassware – water/beer, wine, and cocktails. Include enough to at least match the sleeping capacity of the house, preferably double. Include non-breakable options for outdoor/pool area use. No dull knives! Don’t forget chopping boards, grill utensils, oven mitts and dish towels. Here is our Annual Guide to Staging Kitchens for Vacation Rentals.

List your beach house for rental with downtown beach rentalsYes, even at the beach with all the competition from the great outdoors for vacationing guests’ attention, modern flat screen TVs are very important! Make sure you have a large flat screen TV in the main den/living room and the master bedroom, and then smaller flat screen TVs in each bedroom. If this is a high end, high budget property, make sure that you have full HD enabled TVs and TV programming. Please, no complicated TV set up – that includes surround sound and dozens of remotes. Keep it simple!



List your beach house for rental with downtown beach rentals

Provide at a bare minimum a starter set of 4 beach chairs, 1 beach umbrella, and 1 beach wagon to haul all that equipment to the beach and back. Best to provide enough beach chairs to match the sleep capacity of the property. Take inventory between check ins and repair/replace as necessary.





List your beach house for rental with downtown beach rentalsIf you have any outdoor space at all at your property, then you need to include outdoor furniture and a grill. Be aware that homeowner insurance and/or condo/HOA rules may require a propane gas grill to be a minimum of 10 feet from a structure. If you’re tight on space, for example, if your only outdoor space is a narrow balcony, then swap out a propane gas grill for an electric grill. For your outdoor furniture (dining sets, loungers, sun umbrellas, chairs, tables) – ensure that you match the sleep capacity of the property. If you have a pool, then include inflatables.